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Welcome to Paragon Care

Paragon Care – Australia's most comprehensive range of hospital equipment.

Combining the offerings of five well-known leaders in the industry, Paragon is the new name in healthcare equipment and supply offering a peerless range of products.

This comprehensive range of medical equipment, care beds, stretchers, hospital trolleys and more allows Paragon to provide all-inclusive cost-effective package solutions for all industry sectors.

Australia-wide distribution of aged and acute care hospital equipment is backed by warranty servicing and preventative maintenance plans from experienced technicians.

For more information on Paragon's range of healthcare equipment and supply options, call 1300 369 559 or submit an online contact form.

Company Divisions

Paragon's range of medical equipment, care beds, stretchers, hospital trolleys and more is sourced from leading global manufacturers in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, the UK and Asia. In-house customisation capabilities through our stainless steel manufacturer complete our offering.

The eight operating businesses within our healthcare equipment and supply portfolio include:

AxisHealth: supplying durable products, including patient stretchers, mobile surgical units, screen systems, IV systems and medication carts.

Iona: providing home, nursing and medical products, including bedding, furniture and lifting systems.

Rapini: a premier supplier of, storage systems, hospital trolleys, service carts and clinical refrigerators.

Volker Australia: representing the world leader in acute and aged care beds.

GM Medical: a range of manufactured medical equipment in stainless steel and powder coat with customisation capabilities.

LR Instruments: Wholesale supplier of medical and surgical products and instruments, including CSSD, sourced from respected suppliers such as Liberty, Nopa, Lawton, Erka, Galemed, Alsa, Famos and Clinipak.

Richards Medical: Hospital suppliers of medical products and devices, surgical instruments, CSSD equipment and consumables.

Scanmedics: A leading provider of solutions to the healthcare community with expert interest in specialist ultrasound, newborn care, aesthetics and cosmetic medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

Our philosophy is to source only the best in healthcare equipment and supply from around the world. Working with global industry leaders allows our customers to draw upon the most advanced research and development capabilities.

Hospital Equipment and Service Offering

Paragon's ever-growing product range incorporates hospital equipment across health sector areas, including:

Clinicians and patients alike require solutions that are practical, innovative, dignified and efficient. With Paragon's emphasis on high quality products, both patient comfort and the health and safety of nursing staff are maximised. We offer medical equipment in all key categories, including:

  • Care beds (acute and aging)
  • Examination couches
  • Patient stretchers
  • Medication carts
  • Lighting
  • IV systems
  • Mobile computing
  • Medical/hospital trolleys
  • Storage systems
  • Surgical day stretchers
  • Infant cribs
  • Hand sanitising
  • Privacy systems

Providing Complete, Lasting Solutions

As a result of our unique ability to provide complete equipment packages across the entire health sector we can provide a consultative service to project planners, architects and construction contractors.

With a head office, showroom and manufacturing facility based in Scoresby, Melbourne, Paragon offers sales and support around Australia, both directly and through resellers.

Our fully-integrated service and maintenance department ensures that hospital equipment is kept operating at the highest standard. We offer not only warranty servicing but also ongoing preventative maintenance programs on all medical equipment we supply.

For more information on healthcare equipment and supply solutions from any company within the Paragon Group, call our Customer Service Team on 1300 369 559 or contact us online today.