Paragon Care is an ASX listed Company (PGC) which has progressively acquired businesses in the healthcare sector and emerged as a leading provider of medical equipment, devices and consumables to the healthcare market. Paragon Care continues to build its strong representation within the following healthcare markets:

  • Aged Care
  • Hospital and Acute Care
  • Primary Care
  • Eye Care
  • Storage Solutions
  • E-Health
  • Service & Technology Management
  • Diagnostics

Healthcare Equipment Suppliers

Paragon Care has strategically acquired reputable companies, each one a leading provider of innovative healthcare equipment, devices and consumables. These respected companies are now brands of the Paragon Care Group are:

Through these acquisitions we have now established offices and warehouses across Australia and New Zealand, with a head office based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Electro Medical Group, Midas Software Solutions, Western Biomedical, Designs For Vision and Meditron have recently joined the Paragon Care Group. This diversifies Paragon Care’s product and medical consumable offering and expands Paragon Care’s geographic coverage with offices and warehousing now in WA.Our companies are well known throughout the healthcare industry and are now growing as one organisation, offering a peerless range of high-quality products and services. Familiar people within these businesses have given strength to the synergies that flow from the Paragon Care Group.

Electro Medical Group specialises in providing reliable and high-quality service support and technology management to the Medical, Scientific, Aged Care and Allied Health industry of Australia and New Zealand. EMG has established agreements in place with a number of major healthcare providers throughout the region. The acquisition allows Paragon to capitalise on the growing demand for the provision of preventative service and maintenance within the health & aged care sector.

Midas is a world first, fully customisable interpretive reporting software platform for a wide range of diagnostic medical examinations. This includes all ultrasound studies, CT, MRI, Echo, Holter, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), spirometry and sleep studies. It produces a provisional report complete with key images, worksheets, diagrams, graphs, and charts within a few seconds by interpreting the measurements and observations from the study data. This innovative, cloud based web platform significantly boosts productivity in practice workflow and can connect with any system across any network globally.

Western Biomedical is the largest independent supplier of medical and surgical products and consumables to hospitals and specialists in Western Australia. The business is the State’s pioneer of GS1 ecommerce providing a seamless B2B solution to the Western Australian Health Department and also offers third-party logistics (3PL) solutions to the Western Australian healthcare market.

Designs For Vision has been a specialist provider of products to the ophthalmic and optometry sector for over 40 years. Using a global network, Designs For Vision provides diagnostic and surgical products to a range of customers spanning across the healthcare sector.

Meditron is a specialist in the sales and servicing of medical devices in the urology and ultrasound markets. More specifically its focus is on areas such as kidney stone blasting via stone lasers/lithotripters, ultrasound infection control, guidance of needles or therapeutic instruments under ultrasound control as well as stabilisers and steppers to guide ultrasound procedures during Trans-Perineal Prostate Biopsies, Brachy-Therapy and/or MRI-Fusion Biopsies.

Many of our ranges are sourced internationally and include products from USA, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Asia.

With our experience and in-house resources, we are well positioned to provide specialised design development and custom manufacturing.

Our extensive range of products and services enables us to be major providers for large healthcare projects with the scope to provide consultative services to Project Planners, Architects and Construction Contractors.

To complement our extensive range of products, devices and consumables we offer fully integrated service, maintenance and technology management to support our customers for all after sales requirements.

For more information on Paragon Care’s range of healthcare equipment and supply options, call 1300 369 559 or submit your enquiry via our online contact form.