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The Stralus range of beds is specifically designed for residents with an increased risk of falling. With the ability to lower to extremely low height and coordinate beautifully with surrounding furnishings, the Stralus bed meets all your needs.

The range consists of two models, the S Line and the S Line Low both providing extremely low height and offering a range of accessories. The unique design of the S Line Low allows the bed to be lowered very close to the floor offering exceptional safety and ease of use. Both models can be raised to working height ensuring optimal ergonomic conditions are met for nursing staff.

The Stralus bed range are available in a choice of colours and designs both models combine high standards of Australian design and engineering with a modern aesthetic. For more information on this range: download the brochure – click here


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(1) Scope Project with a detailed scoping phase which anchors the project priorities, helping us to define the desired outcomes.

(2) Demonstrate Trial Equipment by trialing the product giving procurer’s confidence.

(3) Offer Solutions with Global manufacturers help us to produce and source our high-quality aged care equipment internationally.

(4) Rollout with our highly skilled team of professionals provide a consultative service to project planners, architects, as well as construction contractors.

(5) Review as Paragon Care prides itself on maintaining satisfied clients — the job is never complete until all stakeholders requirements have been met and exceeded.