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The Stralus range of beds is specifically designed for residents with an increased risk of falling. With the ability to lower to extremely low height and coordinate beautifully with surrounding furnishings, the Stralus bed meets all your needs.

The range consists of two models, the S Line and the S Line Low both providing extremely low height and offering a range of accessories. The unique design of the S Line Low allows the bed to be lowered very close to the floor offering exceptional safety and ease of use. Both models can be raised to working height ensuring optimal ergonomic conditions are met for nursing staff.

The Stralus bed range are available in a choice of colours and designs both models combine high standards of Australian design and engineering with a modern aesthetic. For more information on this range: download the brochure – click here


End to End Aged Care Supply Solutions with specialised Aged Care furniture, equipment & products.

Aged Care - Community Care Products


Exclusive to Paragon Care is the Stralus bed range combines contemporary style with advanced Australian engineering and design offering two models: S-Line and S-Line Low providing safety and comfort for the resident. The unique design of the S-Line Low Bed mechanism allows it to achieve it market-leading low height and ease of use.


The Stralus Bed range together with our hospital and aged care grade mattresses, mattress replacement system and overlay system will assist in making a well rested, stylishly modern, and functional environment for all residents.


Interior styling of the residents rooms can be achieved with our coordinated furnishings including bedside cabinets, overbed tables and wardrobes creatively enhance the residents environment to one of class and convenience.

Patient Handling

Complete patient handling solutions offer a quality range of patient handling equipment and devices manufactured from the highest quality materials and cover areas related to patient positioning, movement and offer correct and safe handling.

Carts & Trolleys

Our extensive range of carts and trolleys also include medical carts that promote an efficient workflow and a high standard of organisation, medication cart offerings that  have the perfect solution to all medication distribution requirements and reduce medication errors.

Materials Management

Paragon Care also supply equipment for behind the scenes materials management including our versatile range of Rapini chrome shelving that can be fitted according to your storage room requirements assisting in making your workplace clean and productive.

Aged Care Supply Solutions

Supplying equipment and products to the aged care – community care sectors, Paragon Care offers easy access to a wide range of equipment, products and services particularly aimed at aged care facilities to support professionals by providing the latest technology and equipment.

Paragon Care is also adept at setting up new care facilities, refurbishing or individual updates. We can help with scoping projects and demonstrating trial equipment, offer solutions from our extensive range of aged care equipment and supply solutions, and rollout with our highly skilled team of professional installers.


One Source


Scope Project

Scope Project with a detailed scoping phase which anchors the project priorities, helping us to define the desired outcomes.

We learn about the project needs and motivations of stakeholders, establish the project boundaries and objectives, and begin to map the opportunities. Critically, we don’t lock clients down to specifications and fixed ideas: we keep the options open.

  • Industries insights and impacts
  • Define project vision and objective
  • Identify requirements


Demonstrate Trial Equipment

The crucial point is that trialling gives procurer’s confidence. Confidence in their purchase and confidence in their concept. We want you to see how your product will work before buying.

  • We will demonstrate the start to finish process
  • The confidence to navigate all products
  • Ability to work to, and maintain products
  • We include the customer in the testing process


Offer Solutions

Global manufacturers from USA, Germany, Netherlands and the UK, help us to product and source our high-quality aged care equipment internationally. Additionally, one of our divisions is a Melbourne based high quality manufacturer, who completes our product offering by manufacturing unique stainless steel products, including shower chairs, instrument and equipment trolleys, various medical equipment and more.

With the help of our extensive range of aged care equipment and supply solutions, we proudly contribute to the planning of major aged care projects:

  • Beds and mattresses
  • Furnniture
  • Materials handling
  • 60/40 materials management system
  • Patient handling
  • Seating and mobility
  • Shower chairs – mobile
  • Utility carts
  • Wire shelving systems



Our highly skilled team of professionals provide a consultative service to project planners, architects, as well as construction contractors.

We also maintain a fully integrated Service & Maintenance Department that is well established ensuring all projects are delivered and installed to the highest degree of satisfaction for all stakeholders.

  • Site visits
  • Planned logistics
  • Dedicated Paragon Care installation and commissioning team
  • Dedicated Paragon Care in-service and training team



Paragon Care prides itself on maintaining satisfied clients — the job is never complete until all stakeholders requirements have been met and exceeded. We see ourselves as partners in your business – your success and satisfaction is vital to us.

Reviewing our services from initial scoping of the project to the last product installed is something we take pride in.

  • Review team
  • Key stakeholder analysis
  • Feedback
  • Ongoing contact for service and future equipment requirements

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