Anaequip Medical provides quality products and services to all areas of healthcare including acute, aged care, allied health & laboratory. Our professional sales and service team enable us to support you in all aspects of our product range. Our service department maintains a large range of medical gas and electrical safety test tagging equipment.

Anaequip is certified ISO 9001 because we know there is no compromise when it comes to the safety of your clients.

Anaequip was established in 1988 initially to service anaesthetic equipment in SA Hospitals and has served the healthcare community for over 25 years. Today we are also a multi agency distributor of high quality Australian made and imported medical products used in today’s modern hospitals.

We have a team of highly skilled people who share a passion for service excellence and are focussed on our customers’ needs, and have expanded our services and product range for continued improvement and service to our customers.

Anaequip Medical is now part of the Paragon Care Group

Paragon Care has progressively acquired businesses in the healthcare sector with a focus on those that distribute medical equipment, devices and consumables. Paragon Care Ltd’s (ASX:PGC) acquisition of Anaequip Medical, completed on 25 January 2018, is consistent with the company’s growth by acquisition strategy, and  Anaequip is Paragon Care’s medical distribution equipment partner in South Australia.

The addition of Anaequip not only fast tracks Paragon Care’s regional growth strategy and extends its geographic reach, but it is also a good fit logistically. Part of the strategic rationale behind this acquisition is its potential to utilise Paragon’s new distribution warehouse located at Wingfield in South Australia. The new warehouse provides infrastructure to facilitate an increased distribution footprint for Paragon in the region.