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Complete Hospital & Healthcare Storage Solutions

In today’s hospital and healthcare environment many different types of storage solutions are utilised.

Paragon Care has carefully selected an extensive range of systems to provide the most effective and efficient storage for all departments including static, built-in and mobile storage units. All systems can be customised with a range of accessories further enhancing functionality and efficiency.

Module 60 x 40 Systems


This versatile high density storage system offers infinite flexibility for storage requirements throughout the healthcare environment. By utilising the ISO standard 60 x 40cm tray and basket system numerous types of storage systems are offered.

  • Free standing storage racks
  • Enclosed cabinet systems
  • Open frame storage carts
  • Enclosed carts with roller doors or opening doors
  • Carts with drawer systems

Rapini Wire Systems


An easy and economical system to solve a variety of storage solutions using wire shelves, and wire baskets. Static shelving can be custom fitted to room sizes and in-line systems can be fitted to maximise storage capacity. Our unique basket systems offer dust free storage of items and can be utilised in both carts and wall mounted systems.

  • Free standing storage racks
  • Open frame storage carts
  • In-line storage systems
  • Carts with basket systems
  • Wall mounted basket systems

Pharmacy Shelving


Flexible shelving and storage systems provide optimal layout for the healthcare pharmacy. The pull-out shelving system maximises access to stock and improves work flow. The wire basket system provides bulk storage of items that can be integrated into cabinet and bench systems as well as free standing frames.

  • Free standing shelf systems
  • Enclosed cabinet shelf systems
  • Free standing basket systems
  • Enclosed cabinet basket systems

Module 60 x 40 Systems

Trays & Baskets


Cabinet Liners


Mobile Storage


ISO Container Carts




Spectra Range


Trays & Baskets

The trays and baskets are the core of the Module 60 x 40. Each tray has an external dimension of 60 x 40cm which is a standard ISO size. This standard size offers significant flexibility in terms of how they can be utilised in free-standing, mobile and cabinet systems.

  • The trays are designed to offer a solid base and are available in depths of 5, 10 and 20cm.
  • The baskets have a perforated base and are available in depths of 10 and 20cm.
  • Both the trays and baskets can be supplied in Transparent ABS (standard) or Light Grey ABS, and all have integrated moulded slots to accommodate divider systems.

Standard Trays

Tray 60 x 40 x 20cm

  • ABS Transparent
  • Injection moulded
  • Can be stacked, nested and divided in both directions

Optional Baskets & Shelves

Tray 60 x 40 x 20cm | Perforated Base

  • ABS Transparent
  • Injection moulded
  • Can be stacked, nested and divided in both directions


Connector for Dividers
An optional T-Connector can be used to create compartments of varying dimensions

  • Divider Systems
  • Drawer Stops
  • Label Holders
  • Plastic Cards

Module 60 x 40 Systems


All ABS tray and basket systems have integrated moulded slots to ensure positive positioning of the divider system. In addition they have unique numbers and letters marked on the trays to provide quick and precise positioning of the dividers. The dividers depths are matched to the trays: 5, 10, and 20cm deep.


  • Divider Systems
  • Drawer Stops
  • Label Holders
  • Plastic Cards

Rapini Wire Systems

Rapini delivers an easy and economical way to solve a variety of storage, supply management and inventory control issues with Static and Mobile Wire Shelving Systems.

Available in shelving, carts or high density in-line systems the Rapini range will maximise your floor space usage and improve your inventory supply flow.


Nickel Chrome Wire Shelving

Nickel chrome wire shelving is best suited to dry areas, and in particular for sterile hospital environments, where cleanliness and freedom from dust gathering is critical.

Rapini’s nickel chrome wire shelves comply with hospital infection control  guidelines – as per AS 4187.


Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

Stainless steel wire shelving is suitable for wet storage and high contamination areas, such as clean rooms and sterile hospital environments where cleanliness and freedom from dust gathering is critical.


Stainless Steel Solid Shelving

Stainless steel solid shelving has unlimited applications. Stainless steel sheet construction, makes it very serviceable in all conditions.


Cool Seal Wire Shelving

Zinc plated, epoxy coated wire shelving is specially designed for both wet and
dry storage areas. Particular application is cool rooms, freezers, hotels, restaurants
and hospital kitchens.

Rapini In-Line Storage


Rapini delivers an easy and economical way to solve a variety of storage, supply management and inventory control issues.

The principle of an in-line storage system is to have a number of mobile bays, running between static end bays, maximising your floor space usage and improve your inventory supply flow.

Configuration Options

  • Adjustability
  • Accessories
  • Mobile/Static

Pharmacy Shelving

These pull out shelf systems are extremely flexible and can be configured to be free standing, wall mounted or enclosed within a cupboard. They are ideal for the effective storage of capsules, tablets, liquids, and other medication.

The metal shelving is fitted to high quality metal drawer runners for robustness and durability. Each shelf is fitted with clear polycarbonate dividers that are fully adjustable for quick assembly and ease of use.

  • Push pad opening
  • Self-locking
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Easily cleaned
  • Rotates stock
  • Contents fully visible

Wall Units

A similar PullOut Shelf incorporating a polyethylene slip mat base that allows dust and other materials to pass through the shelf. The SlipShelf uses the same quality drawer runners, Shelf Fronts and FastFit Dividers as the PullOut TrayShelf.


Free Standing Cabinet

The Flowsell PullOut TrayShelf or SlipShelf can be fitted on Wall Stripping to the back of a new existing cupboard.


Dispensa Pull Out

The Flowsell PullOut TrayShelf is a hugely popular metal shelf opening on quality drawer runners. The unique polycarbonate FastFit Dividers and clear  acrylic Shelf Front allow quick assembly and ease of operation.

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