Medical Carts & Point of Care Computing Technology Solutions

Paragon Care is now the exclusive supplier of both Capsa Solutions and Rubbermaid Healthcare brands for the Australian market.

Paragon Care has been representing Capsa Solutions / Artromick for over 20 years. In 2015, Rubbermaid Healthcare was acquired by Capsa Solutions, bringing together two leaders in the healthcare IT and mobile computing industry.

Paragon Care is now the exclusive supplier of both Capsa Solutions and Rubbermaid Healthcare brands for the Australian market.

Offering the broadest product suite available, Paragon Care now has the unique ability to provide tailored point-of-care computing technology solutions to healthcare providers.

Capsa Solutions and Rubbermaid Healthcare are both recognised leaders in the development and manufacture of medical carts. Their extensive range of carts includes mobile computing nurse workstations, medication carts, wall arms, wall
cabinet workstation solutions as well as mobile technology carts and the latest telemedicine solutions.

Improving patient care is Capsa/Rubbermaid Healthcare’s number one priority, which is why product development focuses on providing caregiver workflow advantages and improving the integration and acceptance of technology into the patient care process.

For healthcare facilities striving to enhance patient care, safety, and staff productivity, Capsa/Rubbermaid carts are designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and customisable.

Increasing the Capacity to Care

Check out the NexsysADC from Capsa Healthcare. The next-generation solution for automating the secure storage and dispensing of medications in a wide range of healthcare environments.

NexsysADC provides the same sophisticated control levels of traditional automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) for narcotics and high-value meds, as well as routine medications and supplies – but at a fraction of the required investment.



Built to Last

Our Rubbermaid equipment is tested to far surpass the required usage in its demanding clinical environment delivering durable and reliable products for healthcare professionals.