Capsa Mobile Computing Cart Model LX10

Paragon Care presents the Capsa Mobile Computing Cart Model LX10, offering the added hardware security feature that encases your laptop in a secure clamshell compartment.

Watch the video below, read the transcript, and follow the link below for more information and brochure download.

At Capsa Solutions, we offer equipment to assist you in your work of caring for your patients. Optimised for an acute care or aged care environment, the Capsa Mobile Computing Cart LX10 is designed to enable you to incorporate the use of technology, such as electronic health records, into your work in a smooth and seamless manner.

The cart is designed to fit the laptop of your choice as the non-powered cart platform can accommodate a variety of laptops.

The LX10 Laptop Cart line offers a lightweight ergonomic design that lets you configure the cart to meet your specific workplace needs. For example, we offer our customers a choice of configured drawers 75 millimetres or 150 millimetres deep.

The clamshell design encases the laptop for added security, and ergonomic adjustments are easily made through a host of design features, including a tilting keyboard and Capsa’s LiftAssist height adjustment.

We know that hygiene in the caring environment is paramount. That’s why the LX10 features antimicrobial surfaces to assist with infection control.

The slim design and single-wheel casters, each model including two locking and one tracking caster, makes for smooth and steady movement around the facility.

At Capsa Solutions, we know how important it is that you can incorporate clinical IT programs, such as electronic health records, into your workday in a reliable, stable, and confident manner. That’s why we offer a product that will add confidence to your work with IT in the healthcare environment.

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