First ThermiDry treatment performed in New Zealand

ThermiDry – A toxin-free minimally invasive treatment for excessive underarm sweating

Bothersome sweating can be socially and emotionally embarrassing.  With the release of the ThermiRF platform in Australia and New Zealand there is a new minimally invasive procedure available for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis).

New Zealand cosmetic physician Dr Catherine Stone, performed the first ThermiDry procedure in Auckland last week and is very excited to introduce this technology.

Commenting on the release of ThermiDry, Dr Catherine Stone, Cosmetic Physician at the Face Place said “  I was surprised at how easy and painless the treatment was!  I’m looking forward to seeing the results and how long they last”

Hyperhidrosis axillary or excessive sweating of the underarms affects many and can be very embarrassing.  Underarm problems tend to start around the onset of puberty and without treatment, this problem may continue throughout life.  This condition can interfere with social interactions in and out of the work space.

What is ThermiDry?

ThermiDry is a micro-invasive radiofrequency treatment that treats hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, by heating the subdermal glands and disabling their function during a one hour, minimally invasive procedure.

For patients suffering from excessive underarm sweating, ThermiDry offers a toxin free, long-term solution.

To view a video of this procedure please click here

Dr Catherine Stone can be contacted at or for further information please contact Scanmedics on 02 9882 2088.


ThermiDry procedure shot 2

Dr Catherine Stone performing the first ThermiDry treatment.

ThermiDry procedure shot FLIR 2

Infrared camera procedure image.