Sterilisable Transducers For Operating Theatres

Did you know that sterilisable transducers are available to meet Australian standards AS/NZS 4187 for the reprocessing of “Critical risk” reusable medical devices, in this case intraoperative ultrasound transducers?

Is it okay to only clean or high level disinfect and cover an intraoperative ultrasound transducer with a sterile sleeve?

Is it best practice to sterilise transducers for intraoperative ultrasound applications?

BK Ultrasound is Australia’s leading intraoperative ultrasound company and offers sterilisable transducers to suit the needs of operating theatres. We have 20 years of intraoperative ultrasound experience in Australia and New Zealand with more than 50 hospitals using intraoperative ultrasound for different specialties including Hepatobiliary, Neurosurgery, Kidney and Robotic procedures. All sites sterilise their transducers. More recently we are providing sterilisable solutions for other intraoperative ultrasound procedures e.g. cardiac epi-aortic imaging and vascular imaging.

BK Ultrasound offers solutions with sterilisable transducers, no covers as substitutes.

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Sterilisable transducers Intraoperative

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