BK Ultrasound’s Sterilisable Transducers

BK Ultrasound has a wide range of intraoperative, sterilisable transducers that are ideal for the operating theatres.  They have been specially designed to allow access to difficult to reach anatomy and to give you high quality images when you need them during intraoperative procedures.

Systems that are shared across different departments need to be adaptable. With a wide range of transducers, the BK series can easily shift from one clinical application to another. Choose from advanced laparoscopic, intraoperative, endocavity and percutaneous transducers across the BK Series.

Intra-operative transducers

Laparoscopic transducer – ideal for liver, pancreas, gall bladder and uterus. The 4-way flexible tip allows good organ contact and access to difficult-to-reach areas. The rigid laparoscopic transducer is ideal for visualising the uterus for assistance in determining anomalies such as fibroids.

Biplane transducer – ideal for liver, biliary glands and pancreas. The two simultaneous scanning planes give increased localisation and navigation. Especially suited when a small-size transducer is needed to access the difficult-to-reach dome of the liver or survey the pancreas.

I-Shaped intraoperative transducer – ideal for liver, pancreas and kidney. Easy to get an overview with good penetration. A good choice if you prefer a more cranial perspective and to investigate lesion border relative to the vena cava.

T-Shaped intraoperative transducer – ideal for liver, pancreas and kidney. Useful if you prefer the overview provided by the T-shaped head.

Operating theatre sterilisable transducers

Neurosurgery transducers

The small footprint burr-hole transducer is designed to image the brain and guide procedures with precision.

The craniotomy transducer is ideal for guiding biopsy procedures, determining the adequacy of a resection, and differentiating vascular malformation from adjacent hematoma.

Robotic drop in transducer

The unique Drop-In transducer enables access and visualisation of complex organs and difficult-to-access anatomy in real-time. For example, in kidney navigation and difficult-to access endophytic and exophytic tumours, the small, compact, curved linear array Drop-In transducer enables a wider field of view for faster examinations. The specially-designed fin grasped by the robotic arm ensures maximum control and organ contact so you can get the information you need.

For further product information, including other transducer options, please visit the ultrasound product pages HERE.

Sterilisable transducers