bk3000 Ultra-High Resolution Ultrasound

Scanmedics launches the new bk3000 an ultra-high resolution ultrasound from bk Ultrasound

 Scanmedics launched the bk3000 ultra high resolution ultrasound machine at the 68th Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide, and showcased the system at the Prostate Cancer World Congress.

With the new bk3000 and its TriCore Architecture, you’ll routinely see anatomy and micro-visualisation not seen with conventional ultrasound. Visualise subtle tissue contrast, more information at depth, and see exceptional detail in moving structures with increased frame rates.


Work Faster and Smarter

Adopting the gaming industry’s best streaming graphics processing and architecture, the bk3000 is powerful and power efficient. The result is Accelerated System Control so you see more, faster. Triplex imaging is more responsive than ever, displaying 2D, colour and spectral Doppler at unsurpassed frame rates.


Exceptional system design

  • Designed for easy mobility in tight spaces, the bk3000 has a small footprint and five wheels for superb stability.
  • The system is completely adjustable to suit the preferences of clinicians, whether standing or sitting. Its monitor swivels and allows multiple adjustments for individual preferences.
  • Intuitive user interface is designed for easy control with all major mode controls easily accessible. The keyboard is sealed, making it very easy to clean.
  • Acquire Images Instantly – unique Smart™ button that enables you to activate, freeze, store and print images with a simple touch.
  • Twin Cam Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors reduce noise and are designed to be connected and removed with one hand.
  • Up to four transducers can be connected to the bk3000 at once.


For more information please contact Scanmedics on +612 9882 2088.