Clinipak Steam Indicator Autoclave Tapes

Autoclave Tapes from Clinipak are manufactured with a robust crepe paper base which is coated with a high tack strength adhesive that is Latex and Solvent Free. The outer side of the tape is printed with repeating diagonal autoclave steam sterilisation process indicator bars with a processed signal colour of brown.

Latex and solvent free autoclave tape from Clinipak is compliant with ISO11140-1:2009 for use as a Class 1 process indicator. Clinipak Steam Autoclave Indicator Tapes are self-adhering with a chemical indicator printed on one side. Used for wrapping packs for steam and ethylene oxide.

Best Seller

Best Seller and most popular from the range of Clinipak Autoclave Tapes is the 25mm wide x 50m length regular Autoclave Tape with Indicator (Latex Free). Sold in cartons of 36 rolls, re-order code is CLFTAPE321-25/P36.

Why Use Indicator Tape?

  • Steam autoclaving, one of the most popular sterilisation methods and is widely used in the normal sterilisation operations in hospitals and clinics
  • The proper packaging and containment of infectious materials are crucial to achieve effective sterilisation
  • Autoclave tape is commonly used to seal the package of materials to be sterilised and to indicate whether the material package has been autoclaved, so as to avoid the confusion between autoclaved and un-autoclaved material packages
  • Autoclave indicator tape provides visual proof of sterilisation

Similar to the texture of masking tape, the easy-to-use autoclave indicator tapes are used for sealing packages before steam or ethylene oxide (EO) sterilisation. After processing, the yellow indicator printed on the autoclave tape will change colour to brown and provide a clear indication that the package has been processed.

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