Disposable Tourniquets

CBC-VECOS®   The gentle single-patient use tourniquet

Introducing the single-patient-use tourniquet that reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Its velvety soft fleece and its easy handling make this product unparalleled. The tourniquet ensures correct occlusion every time.

  • Simple application
  • Micro-velcro for perfect fixing and release
  • Latex-free elastic strap
  • Ensures optimal compression force with the inbuilt elastic strap.

The soft fleece material feels warm and velvety on the skins surface and avoids hair pulling.

There are two sizes available:

  • Standard – 3cm wide and 50cm long
  • Bariatric – 3.5mm wide and 65cm long

The elastic strap reliably creates the correct minimum compression force ensuring optimal occlusion. The micro-velcro strip attaches securely to any position on the strap, for easy application and adjustment. The tourniquet may be tightened or slowly released at any point.  Medical staff can apply the tourniquet very easily and quickly – without extra training.

The CBC-VECOS is a quality product made in Germany and produced according to EN ISO 3485.2012+AC:2012.  They come in a practical dispenser box of 125 units for easy access.