Fully Integrated MR Ultrasound Fusion Prostate Biopsy Solution

Scanmedics is pleased to announce that bkFusion™, a ground-breaking solution for improving biopsy targeting in prostate cancer, is now available in Australia and New Zealand.  bkFusion is the latest innovation from  BK Ultrasound and fully integrates the MR Ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy application onto a premium ultrasound system—the bk3000—for use by urologists in both hospital and office settings.

Diagnosing prostate cancer can be a challenge, and conventional, systematic biopsies are often inconclusive, raising risks of missing high-grade tumours or under-staging lesions for active surveillance. In order to empower urologists to give clear answers to their patients, BK Ultrasound has partnered with MIM Software Inc., a market-leading imaging solution provider for radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging and cardiac imaging, to create bkFusion.

bkFusion is a powerful advancement in diagnostic visualisation that combines powerful real-time ultrasound imaging with data about lesion extent and location from MRI. By seamlessly fusing MRI information onto real-time ultrasound images without interruptions to workflow, bkFusion provides urologists guidance to help accurately and quickly target and biopsy lesions. MRI details from the radiology department can be easily imported into bkFusion via PACS, USB, CD or a cloud platform, which enables secure and HIPAA-compliant data transfer.

As bkFusion is completely integrated on the bk3000 ultrasound system, no additional bulky equipment or set-up time is required and it fits easily into any exam space. With an intuitive workflow and small footprint, the bk3000 and bkFusion enable fast and reliable disease management for all urologists.

FlexFocus bkFusion coming.


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