M38e Mobile Computing Workstation at Australian Healthcare

The Capsa Healthcare M38e Mobile Computing Workstation was a great success at its latest outing at Australian Healthcare Week in Sydney this week.

The M38e mobile computing cart is the latest point-of-care workstation from Capsa Healthcare.

The M38e is an evolution of the highly successful M38, which became the most proven mobile computing cart since launching in 2009 with over 100,000 units installed worldwide. The M38e improves on the original with enhanced ergonomics, improved ease-of-use, and expanded storage flexibility.

What is exciting about the M38e is its smaller profile to help manoeuvre tight healthcare settings, configuration modularity which allows  flexibility to meet end user clinical workflows, a battery with 25% more run time to ensure longer up time performance and a hardware storage area that is 20% larger for simple technology management.

The unit also has a 10% larger workspace with an additional slide-out surface adding 60% to the work surface.  The new design also has greatly expanded storage options and configuration flexibility.

To find out more visit the product page HERE or visit Capsa Healthcare HERE