Nordlys by Ellipse

Scanmedics proudly introduces the Ellipse Nordlys

with sub-millisecond pulsing – The most versatile and effective dermatologic platform on the market

Scanmedics has been distributing the Ellipse products for over 15 years.  In that time Ellipse has become known as the gold stand for dermatologists and beauty professionals worldwide.  Ellipse`s I2PL and laser based systems provide safe, effective and proven skin treatments such as vascular and pigmented lesions, hair removal, acne and PDT.

The revolutionary Nordlys is the most versatile platform ever produced, and the ultimate choice for treating vascular and pigmented lesions in addition to Ellipses proven applications.

Using both laser and Selective Waveband Technology (SWT), Nordlys by Ellipse allows you to meet patients’ increasing demands for aesthetic and dermatologic procedures with a single, versatile machine, thus increasing your return on investment while minimising office space.

  • Truly unique sub-millisecond pulses allows treatment of  lesions not previously possible to treat, such as super thin telangiectasia and pink (residual) port wine stains.
  • The 6 unique Selective Waveband Technology applicators along with the Nd:YAG are approved for 17 intended uses and offer fast and effective treatments. An entire back can be treated with the HRL 600 applicator in less than 10 minutes.
  • The most operator friendly system ever. Ellipse has created the most silent system on the market – both during and between treatments. The new flexible arm ensures that the touchscreen and accessory tray are always where you need them.
  • The unique Ellipse clinical intelligence ensures effective treatment and reduces the risk of side effects.
  • For expert users, Nordlys offers unsurpassed flexibility to push the boundaries of what is possible, allowing users to define every individual pulse or pulse train.
  • Excellent return on investment ensured not only by the wide range of treatments offered, but a higher patient turnover is also made possible by faster, more comfortable treatments resulting from using applicators with large spot-sizes.
  • Running costs are low and with no hidden ownership costs. And the system is supported by one of the best warranty packages in the industry.

For more information please contact Scanmedics on 02 9882 2088.