Ophthalmic Product Range

Steriseal Ophthalmic Products

Paragon Care is pleased to announce they are a preferred distributor for Steriseal ophthalmic products in Australia and New Zealand.

The Steriseal brand of ophthalmic cannula has provided the ophthalmic industry with high quality innovative products for close to 50 years.  Offering a comprehensive range of high quality cannula and more, the Steriseal products are designed for the following ophthalmological procedures: Cataract, Lacrimal, Refractive and Vitreo Retinal.


With Steriseal now a part of Aspen Medical, the Steriseal ophthalmic range has recently been expanded to include the following items

  • Filling Tubes
  • Metal & Plastic Probes
  • Safety Pins

For more information please contact Customer Service on (03) 9870 7066 or visit the Steriseal Ophthalmic Products page on the Paragon Care website.

Stephens Instruments

Stephens Instruments carries one of the largest surgical instrument lines for Ophthalmology with more than 1500 items. Their product range includes both reusable as well as disposable instruments. Stephens offers customised sets for Glaucoma, Cataract, Refractive, Lacrimal and Foreign Body. All sets may be modified to suit the doctor’s needs with the freedom to create your own set as well. Other product lines include Plastic Sterilising Trays, Sapphire Knives, Prosthetic Eyes, Spheres and Trial Sets.


For more information please contact Customer Service on (03) 9870 7066 or visit the Stephens Instruments page on the Paragon Care website.