Provita SAM Mobile Transfer Chair

Paragon Care is excited to announce the arrival of the SAM Mobile transfer chair.  The SAM transfer chair is the ideal solution for those with reduced mobility or who experience difficulty travelling.

Designed in welded stainless steel, the SAM is a safe, robust transfer chair suitable for people up to 150kg. The transfer chair is robust but lightweight and features large wheels and an automatic braking system. This makes the chair easy to manoeuvre and the ideal solution for hospitals, clinics and health centres as well as local community and tourism applications.

What is different about the SAM transfer chair is its space saving, stackable design and its ability to be secured in a manner similar to shopping trolleys.  With the choice of coin operated or card access SAM provides an ideal solution for those with reduced mobility.

SAM can be used in so many ways:

  • For hospitals, clinics, health centers
  • For shopping centers, communities (accessibility to pedestrian areas, administrations)
  • For restaurants, brasseries, hotels etc.
  • For leisure and tourism: museums, zoo and other places of culture

For further information please visit the product page by clicking HERE to read more about the SAM mobile transfer chair.

SAM Mobile Transfer Chair

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