Rapini Wall Mounted Basket Series

Paragon Care presents the Rapini Wall Mounted Basket Series, suitable for operating theatres, CSSD departments, emergency, intensive care and general wards, as well as medical clinics and aged care facilities.

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Wherever wall storage is required throughout the healthcare environment, the Rapini WB series of wall hanging baskets are the perfect solution.

While suitable for operating theatres, CSSD departments, emergency and intensive care, the WB baskets are also designed to fit in general wards, as well as medical clinics and aged care facilities.

Rapini WB baskets are a great alternative to plastic storage trays. The basket system features a close mesh design to help eliminate the risk of dust and particle collection, which helps to promote a clean and hygienic health care environment.

A newly designed wire wall panel system can replace existing louvered panels, addressing infection prevention issues by offering greater accessibility for cleaning and dusting behind the panel.

The baskets come in four sizes with the two largest size baskets featuring a divider system to provide flexibility for various storage requirements. The baskets are light, easy to lift and move, yet the design is robust and stable.

The 8 mm close mesh design is suited to all storage requirements, and construction from nickel chrome ensures strength and durability.

The Rapini system can be easily used in an existing storage setup by simply exchanging the existing plastic trays for WB baskets.

We’re delighted to offer a wall hanging system that provides dust-free storage solutions, supporting infection control programs for the benefit of improved patient care.

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