Ropimex Mobile Folding Screen

Paragon Care presents the Ropimex Mobile Folding Screen, the versatile privacy screen that allows for unlimited positioning for multiple healthcare environments.

Watch the video below, read the transcript, and follow the links at the end for more information or to download the brochure.


The Ropimex Mobile Folding Screen is a great example of adaptability and versatility in the healthcare environment. The mobile folding screens can be easily moved around and put to use where they’re needed the most.

The screen is designed to suit multiple healthcare environments from aged care to medical clinics and consulting rooms.

The folding panel design enables unlimited positioning for different screening applications. Each panel is 300 millimetres wide, and a screen can be fitted with as few as 3 panels or as many as 10, giving a maximum length of 3 metres.

Use by simply positioning the screen, unfold it, fold it back again and roll away after use. Lightweight aluminium design and scratch resistant polycarbonate panels ensure durability.

To enhance the aesthetics of the caring environment, the panels come in a range of different colours with the option of having graphic designs applied.

The mobility of the unit enables screening and privacy in different positions within a particular room or in a different location within the facility, creating a pleasant and discrete environment for patients as well as staff.

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