Scanmedics Launches BK Ultrasound bk3500 Portable Ultrasound dedicated to Point of Care

Scanmedics is very excited to introduce BK Ultrasound’s new bk3500 for Point of Care at the Australian College for Emergency Medicine ASM in Queenstown, New Zealand on the 20-24th November, 2016.

CLARITY, PURE & SIMPLE – When enhanced visualisation meets intuitive operation.

The bk3500 provides premium ultrasound technology that is specifically geared to meet the challenging demands of point-of-care settings. The bk3500 combines remarkable workflow with exceptional image quality.

“Excellent image quality, effortless workflow integration, simplistic user interface and advanced functionality make the bk3500 an excellent choice for the challenging emergency department”

Rajesh N. Geria, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ

Performance that’s clear to see

Because you need to make decisions quickly and confidently, you need detailed images that highlight the precise anatomical elements you want to see. With an exceptionally powerful ultrasound imaging engine, the bk3500 allows you to quickly acquire the high quality images you need with minimal tuning and adjustment. Its advanced beam forming ensures that image quality and high frame rates are not degraded even when utilising Colour and Doppler on large areas. This unsurpassed level of clarity enables you to keep your focus on the patient while maintaining control in your hands.

Intuitive Workflow

With its intuitive operation, simple user interface and application specific worksheet, the bk3500 is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

The value of the bk3500 goes beyond the images it captures. With its intuitive workflow, user interface and functional physical design, the operation of the system is as simple as it is seamless. From the integrated bar code reader that makes it easier to get things started, to the responsive touchscreen that literally guides you through the procedure, the bk3500 enables you to make the critical decisions that are informed by ultrasound imaging.

The simple, straightforward operation of the bk3500 is ideal for the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine. With a fast cold boot-up time and integrated battery, you can start quickly, finish faster and move the system to where you need it. The system’s user-friendly interface is centered around a control panel that’s clear and concise, making parameter selection, menu navigation and workflow quick and easy.

From Basic to Advanced, Tune-in the Performance That Fits Your Needs

Sometimes you’re simply looking to confirm an initial physical examination. Other times, you’re seeking the answer to something more complex. No matter how basic or how advanced your needs may be, the bk3500™¹ ultrasound system can support you. From assessing blunt abdominal trauma to evaluating heart ejection fraction, you can rely on this advanced system to help you see what you need to see.

The Right Transducer For Every Need

BK’s advanced transducer technology provides superior access for each and every patient. Four simultaneously connected transducers and BK’s exclusive Smart™ button, allow you to activate, freeze, print and store images with a simple press — reducing the time needed to change transducers and perform essential imaging functions.

All BK transducers are fully validated for most common sterilisation methods, helping you meet the highest levels of infection control.