Storage Solutions with Paragon Care

Complete Healthcare Storage Solutions

Paragon Care has carefully selected an extensive range of systems to provide the most effective and efficient storage for all departments including static, built-in and mobile storage units hence the term Storage. Covered. All systems can be customised with a range of accessories further enhancing functionality and efficiency.

Module 60 x 40 Systems

This versatile high density storage system offers infinite flexibility for storage requirements throughout the healthcare environment. By utilising the ISO standard 50 x 40cm tray and basket system numerous types of storage systems are offered.

Rapini Wire Systems

An easy and economical system to solve a variety of storage solutions using wire shelves, and wire baskets. Static shelving can be custom fitted to room sizes and in-line systems can be fitted to maximise storage capacity. Our unique basket systems offer dust free storage of items and can be utilised in both carts and wall mounted systems.

Pharmacy Shelving

Flexible shelving and storage systems provide optimal layout for the healthcare pharmacy. The pull-out shelving system maximises access to stock and improves work flow. The wire basket system provides bulk storage of items that can be integrated into cabinet and bench systems as well as free standing frames.

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