Seers Innovation 2 & 3-Section Examination Couch

Paragon Care presents a short video on the benefits and features of the Seers Innovation 2 & 3-Section Examination Couch.

Watch the 2 minutes video below and read the transcript.

The SEERS Innovation Couch has multiple applications in the healthcare environment from medical centres to specialist consultation rooms, hospital treatment rooms, outpatient departments, and many other areas.

The couch is designed to reach a minimum height of 400 millimetres to a generous maximum height of 970 millimetres, making the couch suitable for general examinations as well as minor treatments.

Available in two and three section versions, the SEERS Innovation Couch offers a lifting capacity of up to 250 kilograms, allowing for the treatment of very heavy patients.

A safe and seamless working environment is further ensured by electric back, leg, and height adjustments. Effortless patient positioning is carried out via a simple hand or optional foot control.

The couch features a clearance beneath the frame for a mobile hoist using large 125 millimetre diameter casters. The couch is designed to provide maximum mobility with the addition of brakes on all casters.

We know how crucial infection control issues are. That’s why the SEERS Innovation couch has a smooth, moulded base and acrylic, vacuum formed arms to minimise dirt traps and facilitate easy cleaning. Hygiene is further ensured by the frame being coated in an antibacterial powder coat. The upholstery is also antimicrobial and fire retardant.

We’re proud to present a product that can be used for such a variety of purposes, displaying a design that ensures the best possible care for patients and staff.

You can explore more of Seers products here.

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