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NeuroCom Clinical Research System Smart Equitest Components

NeuroCom Clinical Research System (CRS)

Product Code: NCM-SMEQCRS

The NeuroCom Clinical Research System combines the clinical efficacy of NeuroCom EquiTest and SMART EquiTest Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP) systems, the recording capabilities of the AMTI Dual Top Six Degrees of Freedom Force Plate and NeuroCom’s dynamic software package.  The NeuroCom Clinical Research Sy...

NeuroCom Smart Equitest (SMEQ)

NeuroCom Smart Equitest CDP

Product Code: NCM-SMEQ

The NeuroCom SMART Equitest System is the gold standard in balance assessment with Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP). It is ideal for the assessment and treatment of patients with balance, dizziness and mobility problems as it can identify and quantify the sensory (visual, vestibular and somatosensory) and mo...

NeuroCom Equitest

NeuroCom Equitest Computerised Dynamic Posturography

Product Code: NCM-SMEQ

The NeuroCom Equitest features Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP) which is the standard of care for the assessment and treatment of patients with balance, dizziness and mobility problems.  It provides an efficient means of understanding your patients’ balance deficits and can effectively guide your treatment p...

NeuroCom Smart Balance Master

NeuroCom Smart Balance Master (SBM)

Product Code:

Objective Balance Assessment and Dynamic Training Protocols

Motivate patients to achieve greater balance control faster with interactive, functional training exercises using visual biofeedback, coupled with sensitive, real-time monitoring of movement. Exercise protocols available on the NeuroCom Smart Bala...

NeuroCom NeuroGames Software Option

NeuroGames Software Option

Product Code:

NeuroGames balance retraining software provides a fun and motivating way to enhance rehabilitation training of balance and mobility.

  • NeuroGames optional software can be added to any NeuroCom Balance Manager System or the Smart Equitest system to help maximise rehabilitation training options
  • In...

NeuroCom Invision software

NeuroCom inVision Software Package with Head Tracker

Product Code:

The NeuroCom inVision software quantifies a patient's ability to maintain visual acuity and stable gaze while actively moving the head. The ability to maintain visual acuity and a stable gaze while moving forward, turning around, looking up or shaking one's head is a critical component of balance.

NeuroCom inVi...

NeuroCom Data Acquisition Toolkit

NeuroCom Data Acquisition Toolkit (D.A.T.a)

Product Code: NCM-DATA-S

The Data Acquisition Toolkit (D.A.T.a) is designed specifically for researchers and clinicians who need greater flexibility and control in designing test protocols and gathering patient data. The Data Acquisition Toolkit allows the operator to manipulate specific data collection and test parameters, and provides ...

NeuroCom Long Force Plate System LFP

NeuroCom Long Force Plate (LFP)

Product Code: NCM-LFP

The NeuroCom Long Force Plate option provides additional functionality to any NeuroCom dynamic balance system for rehabilitation assessment and exercises. The addition of the NeuroCom Long Force Plate provides access to the additional Functional Limitation Assessments. Complement information obtained through the ...