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M38e Computing Workstation

Product Code: RUBBFG9M3800L00

The new M38e Computing workstation from Capsa Healthcare is an evolution of the most proven point-of-care computing cart in healthcare. With updated features that provide superior ergonomics, enhanced ease-of-use and expanded storage flexibility, the M38e maximises clinical efficiency and elevates the performance of...


M48 CareLink Fetal Monitoring Computer Cart

Product Code:

The NEW CareLink Fetal Monitoring cart provides both fetal monitoring and a mobile nurse workstation in a single solution. Combining the CareLink intelligent features with your choice of medical monitoring system promotes workflow efficiency in labour and delivery departments allowing clinicians to focus on the care...

Transfer - exchange cart 3

Transfer and Exchange Carts

Product Code:

Rubbermaid Transfer and Exchange Carts are a vital part of supporting Electronic Medical Record (EMR) administration initiatives. Whether part of a decentralised or hybrid delivery system, integrating a transfer and exchange system can optimise nursing workflow and secure medications all the way to the patient.

Wall cabinet 1

Wall Cabinet Workstations

Product Code:

Capsa/Rubbermaid Wall Cabinet Workstations offer users a compact, comfortable and intuitive hallway or bedside solution as either an alternative or complement to a mobile cart environment. They are designed to provide maximum aesthetic flexibility and best-in-class performance. Featuring an advanced keyless entry...

Capsa-Healthcare-Workstation- M48-Carelink

M48 Carelink Mobile Nurse Station Computer Cart

Product Code:

The world’s first Mobile Nurse Station - M48 Carelink This next generation of mobile technology connects the most pressing concerns of IT integration with the extensive needs of modern healthcare administrators to enhance patient care.  Future-proof design provides a universal power system and the ability to easi...


M40 Computer Cart

Product Code:

With its lightweight construction, compact and ergonomic design and large work surface, the M40 Computer Cart is the best choice for your mobile electronic documentation needs. This range of non-powered computer carts are a lighter, less expensive option and are suited for facilities using self-powered devices su...


Fluid Arm HD Wall Arm Workstation

Product Code:

The Fluid Arm HD is designed to support up to 40 lbs of technology weight and is ideal for using dual monitors , when integrating various accessories or for bedside clinical documentation. The Standard Capsa/Rubbermaid Fluid Arm adjusts with a single handed motion, from a seated to standing position. Designed to ...


Fluid ULT Wall Mounted Arm Station

Product Code:

Designed to provide maximum stability, flexibility, and functionality, the NEW Fluid ULT Wall Arm facilitates clinical documentation and patient interaction in nearly any healthcare environment. An unmatched room reach of 1.6 m, enhanced fluid, single—handed positioning, and expanded vertical adjustment provide a mo...

Tandem Arm and Slim line 2

Tandem Arm and Slim Line Wall Arm Workstations

Product Code:

Ensure a computer workstation is always accessible with a wall-mounted solution. The Tandem Arm and Slim Line wall arm workstations are designed to promote a professional appearance specific to healthcare environments. Tandem Arm: The Tandem Arm provides the most comprehensive set of ...


Workstation Laptop Cart | LX5

Product Code: LX5

Designed specifically to accommodate your choice of laptop computers, the LX5 Laptop Cart offers a lightweight, ergonomic design that lets you configure the cart to best meet your requirements. The LX5 Laptop Cart line promotes simplicity and value to help you lower your total cost of mobilizing health IT software. ...