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Jaundice Management

The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice.

neoBLUE Compact LED Phototherapy

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The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice.

Colour balanced with clinicians & family in mind

  • 12 blue LEDs are mixed with small amount of light from 9 white LEDs to soften appearance while mainta...


Bilicare Transcuteneous Bilirubin Meter

Product Code: NAT81000300

Non-invasive transcutaneous bilirubin meter for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Accurately and conveniently measures and monitors the level of bilirubin to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Perfect for use in the NICU, newborn nursery, mothers room or paediatricians office. Part # NAT81000200 Bil...


neoBLUE LED Phototherapy Systems

Product Code: NAT010070

The neoBLUE LED Phototherapy System incorporates optimal blue LED technology for the treatment of newborn jaundice Meets AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy Intensity: Delivers intensive phototherapy: > 30 Ž¼W/cm2/nm. Spectrum: Utilizes blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) - neoBLUE LEDs emit blue light i...


neoBLUE Cozy LED Phototherapy

Product Code: NAT010121

Most effective degradation of bilirubin The neoBLUE cozy device is positioned underneath the baby to deliver phototherapy. The device fits easily within patient care enclosures such as cribs, bassinets, and radiant warmers and is ideal for use in the hospital nursery and mothers room. The neoB...


neoBLUE Blanket LED Phototherapy (Large)

Product Code: NAT007301

The neoBLUE® blanket device is positioned underneath the baby to deliver phototherapy via a blue LED light source and fiberoptic blanket with a soft and flexible design. The blanket/pad fits easily within patient care enclosures, such as cribs, bassinets, radiant warmers and incubators, while also allowing baby t...


neoBLUE Mini

Product Code: NAT001839

Small & compact in size, the neoBLUE mini device includes an adjustable arm with a pole mount for easy attachment onto radiant warmers. It can also be used with incubators & open bassinets.

  • Safe
  • Designed for multiple configurations and patient care settings
  • Most effective de...


MediLED phototherapy systems

Product Code: KITMediLED001

Big Results in Small Format The MediLED Phototherapy system is an innovative phototherapy light, incorporating a state-of-the-art blue LED light source for the treatment of newborn jaundice. The MediLED phototherapy unit is compact, versatile and suitable for use with incubators, infant warmers and all sorts o...


Medix MediLED Mini

Product Code: KITMediLEDmini001

The MediLED mini features cutting-edge technology based on power LEDs, and it is specifically designed for use with incubators and infant warmers. MediLED mini delivers more than 50 µW/cmZ/nm, within the indicated wavelength for the reduction of bilirubin levels. It is ideal for use in areas with restricted sp...


neoBLUE Radiometer

Product Code: NATR53870

To accurately measure the intensity of neoBLUE LED Phototherapy Systems Helps you comply with AAP Guidelines by providing accurate readings in blue spectrum - Measures action spectrum of bilirubin 420 to 500 nm Easy to use and read with large clear display - Easy to read under all lighting conditions - Memo...


Biliband Eye Protectors

Product Code: NAT900643

Biliband eye protectors are designed to block light to a babys eyes during photo-therapy. Their unique Y-shaped design allows them to remain securely in place. The Natus Biliband Eye Protector provides exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy. Independent light transmission tests have shown the Bil...