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Hausted SurgiChair Series | ESD-EYE-ST

Product Code: ESD-EYE-ST

The Hausted Surgi Chair is a multi-position chair and stretcher intended for treatment, transport, or recovery of a patient. With the uniquely designed articulating head section, this unit can be used for specialty procedures that require precision head positioning. Models in this series provide specialized surgical...


Surgeon Stool Hand Operated

Product Code: AX262

  • Height 530 - 710mm
  • No backrest


Surgeon Stool Hand Operated with Backrest

Product Code: AX265

  • Height 530 - 710mm
  • Backrest


Surgeon Stool Foot Operated

Product Code: AX267

  • Height 530 - 710mm
  • No backrest
  • No brake


Surgeon Stool Foot Operated with Backrest

Product Code: AX270

  • Height range 530 - 710
  • With backrest
  • No brake


Saddle Stool Hand Operated

Product Code: AX2710

  • Hand operated height adjustment
  • Height range 530 - 730mm


Theatre Stool | AX277

Product Code: AX277

  • Height adjustment by safety gas spring controlled by stainless steel wobble plate
  • Multi purpose stool for surgery, anaesthesia and outpatient department
  • Safety base made of stainless steel with 5 twin castors for hard floors
  • Round seat with antistatic black upholstery
  • ...


Surgeons Stool | AX273

Product Code: AX273

  • Special operators stool for surgery
  • Height adjustment by maintenance free hydraulic pump lift
  • Safety base made of stainless steel with 5 antistatic twin castors
  • Chromium plate foot ring
  • Stroke 190mm
  • Seat height range 530 - 720
  • Back rest adj...


Stool AssistTrend

Product Code: AssistTrend

  • Fully automatic forward and backward tilting of the seat in combination with the back support
  • The back support automatically comes to support the back when you slump back
  • Back rest is small and round in shape to fit well into the lower back
  • Reduces work-related problems: c...