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Blood Collection Chair

Product Code: AX468

  • Size: 800 x 1050 x 750 mm
  • Powder coated finish


Blood Collection Chair with Sliding Footrest

Product Code: AX473

  • Stainless steel
  • Sliding footrest
  • Size: 800 x 1050 x 750mm
  • Powder coated finish


Lopital Reflex Electric Shower-Toilet Chair

Product Code: LOPI5100-5600

Lopital Reflex shower chair provides support and ensures a higher level of safety when taking a shower. This product gives some clients greater independence and allows them to care for themselves independently or particularly independently. A shower chair facilitates easier care of other client. Lopital Reflex ti...


Lopital Reflex Child Shower-Toilet Chair

Product Code: LOPI5100-5610

Caring for a disabled child while using a traditional shower toilet chair, is very cumbersome. The caregiver will be forced to stand in an unnatural position and has to cope with static back strain. The Child Reflex is the total solution to help the disabled child shower and with toilet needs. Child Reflex provides ...

LOPI6100-2200_Lopital-Luxal Shower-Stretcher_v3

Lopital Luxal Shower Trolley

Product Code: LOPI6100-2200

This predominantly aluminium frame shower stretcher, electrically height adjustable, offers extra comfort to both the resident/patient and caregiver with its comfortable form, simple to operate hand switch and shock free height adjustment. Access to both sides of the stretcher enables the caregiver to move freely...


Lopital Marina Electric Shower Trolley

Product Code: LOPI6100-2350

  • Wide stable wheelbase
  • Extremely light frame made of aluminium
  • Large diameter wheels (Ø 12.5 cm)
  • Height-adjustable, hydraulically or electrically operated
  • Ergonomic pump action for height adjustment
  • If electrically operated: fitted with an emergency de...


Lopital Marina Hydraulic Shower Trolley

Product Code: LOPI6100-2300

  • Wide stable wheelbase
  • Extremely light frame made of aluminium
  • Large diameter wheels (Ø 12.5 cm)
  • Height-adjustable, hydraulically or electrically operated
  • Ergonomic pump action for height adjustment
  • If electrically operated: fitted with an emergency de...

Provita SAM Mobile Transfer Chair

Provita SAM Mobile Transfer Chair

Product Code: SAM001

The Provita SAM Mobile transfer chair is the ideal solution for those with reduced mobility or who experience difficulty travelling. Designed in welded stainless steel, the SAM is a safe, robust transfer chair suitable for people up to 150 kg. The Provita SAM mobile transfer chair is strong but lightweight and fe...


Broda Commode Shower Chair

Product Code: BRODCS385-1

The C385 provides maximum flexibility in patient care and comfort. It features sturdy no-rust construction, elevating legrest with adjustable, removable footrest and Broda's Comfort Tension Seating. The C385 also features removable arm rests for easy side transfers. With up to 12deg posterior tilt, and up to 67de...


Broda Bariatric Transport Commode/Shower Chair

Product Code: BRODBARICS385

The Bari-385 is 3-chairs in one - Commode Chair - Shower Chair - Transport Chair - with the optional easily interchangeable transport seat. Infinite positioning options easy maneuverability make this chair excellent for patient transport within a facility


Broda Elite Midline Tilt Recliner Chair

Product Code: BRODMID20

The Midline Chair is an excellent choice for a full positioning chair. With up to 38º of seat tilt and up to 90º of back recline, the Midline offers an infinite range of positioning options for resident comfort. The full positioning capabilities of the chair help reduce time and effort required of caregivers. Reside...


Broda Elite Tilt Reclining Chair

Product Code: BROD785

A dramatically superior repositioning chair that provides exceptional resident comfort while reducing the time and effort required of caregivers. An ideal solution for residents with Huntingtons Disease, or severe agitation, is the HSP Padding package upgrade. It offers additional support and protection, keeping ...


Bariatric Vanguard Elite Tilt Recliner Seating


227kg weight capacity. Broda understands the challenges involved with bariatric care, for both care staff and patients. The Vanguard Elite is a revolutionary new seating option that helps address these challenges.


Broda Pedal Rocker Chair with Adjustable Arm Height

Product Code: BROD48PEDAL

The Broda Seating Pedal chair is an excellent option for residents who can self propel within a facility. The floor to seat height adjustment accommodates both short and tall residents, adjusting from 12.5" ( 32cm) to 17.5" (44cm). With up to 18deg; of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, the Pedal Chair aids in prev...


Broda Clearpath Mobility Tilt Chair with Positioning Options

Product Code: BROD587

An ideal wheelchair for patients who are self mobile, but may lack strength or stability. The front pivot seat tilt allows for a proper foot on floor position for propelling while tilted. Swing away footrests and optional Mag wheels allow for patients to propel using their arms. The Tilt Wheelchair is a comfortab...


Broda Auto Locking Glider Chair with Lumbar Support

Product Code: BROD100-20AL

Designed for fall prevention, the Broda Glider begins to glide once the resident sits in the chair, and stops gliding once the resident begins to vacate the chair. The Glider also features a caregiver lock to prevent any unwanted gliding. Ideal For: