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Fluid Arm HD Wall Arm Workstation

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The Fluid Arm HD is designed to support up to 40 lbs of technology weight and is ideal for using dual monitors , when integrating various accessories or for bedside clinical documentation. The Standard Capsa/Rubbermaid Fluid Arm adjusts with a single handed motion, from a seated to standing position. Designed to ...


Fluid ULT Wall Mounted Arm Station

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Designed to provide maximum stability, flexibility, and functionality, the NEW Fluid ULT Wall Arm facilitates clinical documentation and patient interaction in nearly any healthcare environment. An unmatched room reach of 1.6 m, enhanced fluid, single—handed positioning, and expanded vertical adjustment provide a mo...

Tandem Arm and Slim line 2

Tandem Arm and Slim Line Wall Arm Workstations

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Ensure a computer workstation is always accessible with a wall-mounted solution. The Tandem Arm and Slim Line wall arm workstations are designed to promote a professional appearance specific to healthcare environments. Tandem Arm: The Tandem Arm provides the most comprehensive set of ...