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Folding Wall


Folding Wall – Nursing or Care Homes & Medical Practices | RFW Series

Product Code: ROPIRFW

The Plexiglas panels are opaque and yet translucent, and create a friendly atmosphere. The leaves can be custom patterned to match the room design. The wall folds up to save space and can be returned to use in seconds.


Ropimex Folding Wall Trolley | RFW-FG6

Product Code: RFW-FG6

Not able to attach the folding wall to a wall or a track? Opt for the mobile solution. Install, unfold the panels, fold up again after use and store wherever you wish. Other advantages of the Ropimex® folding wall are its stability and flexibility of handling: the Ropimex® Turn & Connect hinges rotate up to 36...


Ropimex Lightweight Folding Screen | RLP Series

Product Code: ROPIRLP

The classic example of adaptabiltiy and versatility. Mobile folding screens, which are used here today and there tomorrow, offer the greatest possible spatial flexibility in everyday care and teatment work, in hospitals and care of the aged, in doctors surgeries as well as in clinical rooms. At the same time you gu...