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233 Blanketrol III

Product Code: 233

Hyper-Hypothermia System for Patient Temperature Management The Blanketrol III hyper-hypothermia system offers simple programmable body temperature regulation while still keeping the control in the hands of the caregiver. Its innovative gradient program minimises fluctuations in water temperature and maintains a ...


876 Maxi Therm® Lite Hyper-hypothermia

Product Code: 876

Single Patient use Hyper-Hypothermia Blankets Maxi-Therm® Lite Blankets and Pads are covered on both sides with a comfortable, soft, non-woven material, eliminating the need for a cover sheet. They are strong, lightweight and may be used under or over a patient to provide the temperature therapy. The white mat...


276 Maxi-Therm® – Hyper-Hypothermia

Product Code: 276

Single-Patient Use Hyper-Hypothermia Blankets CSZ's Maxi-Therm® hyper-hypothermia blankets have a durable construction to withstand rigorous use. They have a random flow design which results in even temperature distribution and better heating and cooling rates. The design is so efficient, the blanket can be fille...


196 PlastiPad®

Product Code: 196

Reusable Hyper-Hypothermia blankets The PlastiPad® is a reusable water blanket that is durable and convenient. It may resist punctures and has a seam strength that prolongs the life of the blankets. These blankets have a non-porous surface that is easy to clean off blood, soil, and/or debris. The PlastiPad® bl...


195P Gelli-Roll®

Product Code: 195P

Gelli-Roll® - Reusable Warming and Cooling Gel Pad The revolutionary and simple-to-use Gelli-Roll® combines patient temperature management and comfort. The Gelli-Roll® is a reusable water blanket encapsulated in polymer. It may be used before, during, or after surgery to effectively keep your patient normother...


300 MaxiTherm® Lite Staff/OR Vest

Product Code: 300

Staff Vest - A Cooling Vest For Surgeon And Staff The Staff Cooling Vest helps keep the surgical team comfortable throughout a procedure and is designed to circulate water evenly and effectively without the mess of ice. With the Blanketrol® III, surgeons and their staff can pre-condition and control the water ...


900 Kool-Kit Disposable Blankets

Product Code: 900

The Kool-Kit® when combined with the Blanketrol® III is a whole body cooling system for applications such as induced hypothermia, fever, traumatic brain injury and any other patient temperature need. CSZ offers an effective solution for cooling with the Kool-Kit. The Kool-Kit® enables easy access to patients, pro...


950 Kool-Kit Neonate Disposable Blankets

Product Code: 950

Neonatal Whole Body Cooling System Neonatal Whole Body Cooling is shown to improve outcomes for newborns meeting the requirements for HIE. The Kool-Kit® Neonate and Blanketrol® III were designed with the understanding that precision and accuracy are particularly important during the cooling, maintaining and re...


600 Headwrap

Product Code: 600

Head Wrap For Brain Cooling The Head Wrap is an innovative method of cooling for the brain. It was developed to provide uninterrupted therapy throughout a variety of procedures. It offers an innovative, non-invasive method of controlling core body temperature. It is an alternative to ice or ice packs and its vers...


286 Reusable Connecting Hose

Product Code: 286

The 286 hose is used to connect all CSZ blankets/pads/wraps to the Blanketrol® II, Blanketrol® III or Norm-O-Temp®. Reusable Hoses 286 2.7m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 286-18 5.5m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 286-27 8.2m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 287 2.7m Reusable Connecting ...


401 Reusable Patient Temperature Probes

Product Code: 401

400 Series Reusable Temperature Probes Our sterile temperature probes offer accuracy and convenience. The esophageal/rectal probes are designed for both adults and children in surgery/critical care units, and long term temperature applications on medical-surgical floors. The skin surface probes attach easily to the...