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Civco Transducer Storage & Stabliser System

Product Code: 610-850*

Constructed of lightweight aluminum, this modular storage system holds two transesophageal probes with either one or two connectors. The wall support holds any combination of storage or disinfection containers. The storage container securely stores and protects probes from physical damage. An open-bottom transpar...


Civco GUS Astra VR Disinfection Soaking Station

Product Code: 610-2148*

GUS® Disinfection Soak Stations protect your staff and patients from toxic fumes, while helping you to meet TJC and OSHA standards. GUS® stations are compatible with all disinfectants (OPA, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide) and just pennies to operate. Features & Benefits


Civco Transducer Storage Rack & Stablisers

Product Code: 610-942*

  The transducer storage rack and stabiliser provides a convenient and safe storage location for endocavity transducers as well as general purpose transducers. The new transducer stabiliser neatly secures transducers in a stable and upright position, providing protective boundaries between transducers. Pr...


Civco Ultrasound Transducer Storage Cabinets

Product Code: 610-1323*

The standard with regards to the "Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in Health Service Organisations"  all refer to the standard AS/NZS4187:2014 table 5.1.  This standard recommends storing probes in a manner that will protect from damage or contamination and that is consistent with national guidelines and man...


Civco GUS Astra TEE Disinfection Soaking Station

Product Code: 610-850*

This unique curved tube design makes it easy to insert and remove long TEE transducers. The heavy duty stainless steel safety cage protects against tube and transducer damage. The soaking station ships standard with three tubes, two for high-level disinfection and the third tube for initial rinse. Final rinsing s...