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bkfusion MRI Ultrasound

bkFusion MRI Ultrasound Fusion

Product Code: bkFusion


MRI Ultrasound Fusion

Fusing real-time ultrasound images with pre-exam MRI data provides better guidance to help accurately target lesions identified on the MRI images, potentially reducing the ri...

bk3500 for emergency medicine

bk3500 Point of Care Ultrasound

Product Code: bk3000-POC


When enhanced visualisation meets intuitive operation.

The bk3500 provides premium ultrasound technology that is specifically geared to meet the challenging demands of point of care settings. The bk3500 combines remarkable workflow with exceptional image quality. "Ex...

bk5000 Ultrasound for the OR

bk5000 Ultrasound System

Product Code: 2300-51

Designed for simplicity

The all-new design of the bk5000 will give you the real-time guidance you need in the OR. The bk5000 was purposely designed to be a natural extension of your capabilities ensuring that your focus is never disrupted and you get help finding exactly what you are looking for.



bk3000 Ultra High Resolution Ultrasound

Product Code: 2300

The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance in ultrasound. With the new bk3000 and its TriCore Architecture, you'll routinely see anatomy and micro-visualisation not seen with conventional ultrasound. Visualise subtle tissue contrast, more information at depth, and see exceptional de...

Flex Focus 800 prostate fusion general imaging

Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound System

Product Code: 1202-10

Flex Focus 800 Designed for High-End Surgical Procedures

Offering many advanced features and transducers for urology, surgery and general imaging the Flex Focus 800 is ideal for intraoperative and laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, neurosurgery and colorectal surgery. Designed for high end surgical pro...


flex Focus 500 Ultrasound System

Product Code: 1202-9

Offering premium imaging the Flex Focus 500 is a mid-range system for colorectal surgery, urology, vascular, general imaging, urogynecology and other applications. The Flex Focus 500 with its Quantum Technology and high resolution 19" screen delivers premium performance with efficiency and speed, sensitive colou...

flex Focus-400exp

flex Focus 400exp Ultrasound System – Anaesthesia

Product Code: 1202-4

flex Focus 400exp - Advanced needle guidance with ultrasound With premium image quality, fast frame rates for excellent temporal resolution and transducers with superb detail the Flex Focus 400exp makes it easy to see your needle during procedures.

Flex Focus 400

Flex Focus 400 Ultrasound System

Product Code: 1202-1

Flex Focus 400 High resolution imaging ideal for your private practice.

The Flex Focus is ideally suited to private practice and office urology, due to its excellent mobility and efficient workflow. Providing premium performance with a high resolution 19 inch monitor, the Flex Focus 400 is efficient, and ...


SonixTouch Q+ Reproductive Medicine Ultrasound

Product Code: 18.000.002

SonixTouch Q+ Ultrasound technology designed to improve speed and efficiency of IVF/Reproductive Medicine procedures. BK Ultrasound’s SonixTouch Q+ ultrasound system offers features and special options intended to save time and guide patient care at clinics special...