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Hausted All Purpose Chair | EPD-250-ST

Product Code: EPD250ST

The Hausted All Purpose Chair (APC) is a multi-position chair and stretcher intended for intra- and inter-departmental transport of patients within a healthcare facility. The APC is available in either electric powered (top photo) or hydraulic (bottom photo), and both models can be positioned to allow for patient tr...


Seers Bariatric Examination Couch

Product Code: SEERSSM3573-SL

  • 1060 x 1960 mm
  • Height range: 500 - 960 mm
  • Patient surface width: 810 mm
  • Electrically operated height control and backrest
  • Upholstered top: 50mm thick
  • Mobile hoist compatible
  • Weight carrying capacity: 350kg


Lopital Elexo Shower-Toilet Chair | LOPI5100-5500

Product Code: LOPI5100-5500

  • Simple electric high/low adjustment
  • Manual operation with battery indicator
  • With sleep mode setting after 60 minutes
  • Upholstered seat with toilet opening
  • Inlay for the toilet opening
  • Foldable upholstered armrests with front lock for sideways transfer<...


Lopital Elexo XXL Shower-Toilet Chair | LOPI5100-5300

Product Code: LOPI5100-5300

  • Simple electric high / low adjustment
  • Manual operation with battery indicator
  • Tilt adjustment to a maximum of 17 degree
  • 3 plastic castors fitted with brakes
  • 1 direction Wheel
  • Extremely stable due to the fitting of 2 lifting motors
  • Rail for ...


Lopital Tango Shower-Toilet Chair | LOPI5100-5700

Product Code: LOPI5100-5700

The Lopital Tango is a shower assist device providing client/resident care and bathing in a responsible manner. The Tango provides optimum comfort for the caregiver as well as the resident/client. The Tango can be used as a shower chair as well as a toilet chair that can be wheeled over the toilet. The many optio...


Lopital Tango XL Shower-Toilet Chair | LOPI5100-5705

Product Code: LOPI5100-5705

Suitable for obese clients up to 180 kg.

  • Folding and extended armrests, ergonomically designed armrests for additional sitting space
  • 3 plastic castors fitted with brakes; 1 direction wheel
  • 2 part seat with toilet opening
  • Rail for bedpan or toilet bucket
  • Foldabl...


Lopital Tango XXL Shower-Toilet Chair | LOPI5100-5800

Product Code: LOPI5100-5800

Safe and comfortable care of obese clients

  • 3 plastic castors fitted with brakes; 1 direction wheel
  • Folding and extended armrests
  • 2 part seat with toilet opening
  • Rail for bedpan or toilet bucket
  • Foldable and removable footplates
  • Maximum Load: 300 kg

Shower Chair | AX432

Product Code: AX432

The shower chair offers a three position armrest, a non-slip retracting footrest fitted with an anti-tilt bracket and comes with a seamless, soft padded seat and backrest. The shower chair's slim line design is made of stainless steel and is fitted with water resistant precision bearing castors which offers excelle...


Shower Chair Swing Back Arms | AX432SA

Product Code: AX432SA

The shower chair with swing back arms offers a non-slip retracting footrest fitted with an anti-tilt bracket and comes with a seamless, soft padded seat and backrest. The shower chair's slim line design is made of stainless steel and is fitted with water resistant precision bearing castors which offers excellent ma...


Shower Commode Chair | AX433

Product Code: AX433

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Drop down arm rests
  • Soft padded seat and backrest
  • Stainless steel castors - 2 with brake
  • Pull out foot rest with anti tilt
  • Removable pan holder
  • Weight carrying capacity - 175kg


Shower Chair Bariatric | AX435

Product Code: AX435

  • Seat width 660mm
  • swing back arms
  • Weight capacity 350kg
  • Heavy duty frame with reinforced seat and backrest


Leg Extension | AX447

Product Code: AX447

Shower Chair Leg Extension


Safety Arms Wrap Around | AX455

Product Code: AX0455

Safety arms - wrap around


Oxygen Cylinder Holder and Clamp | AX462

Product Code: AX462

Vertical oxygen cylinder holder and clamp


IV Pole & Clamp | AX460

Product Code: AX460

  • Stainless steel IV pole
  • 2 x hooks


Broda Commode Shower Chair

Product Code: BRODCS385-1

The C385 provides maximum flexibility in patient care and comfort. It features sturdy no-rust construction, elevating legrest with adjustable, removable footrest and Broda's Comfort Tension Seating. The C385 also features removable arm rests for easy side transfers. With up to 12deg posterior tilt, and up to 67de...


Broda Bariatric Transport Commode/Shower Chair

Product Code: BRODBARICS385

The Bari-385 is 3-chairs in one - Commode Chair - Shower Chair - Transport Chair - with the optional easily interchangeable transport seat. Infinite positioning options easy maneuverability make this chair excellent for patient transport within a facility


Broda Elite Midline Tilt Recliner Chair

Product Code: BRODMID20

The Midline Chair is an excellent choice for a full positioning chair. With up to 38º of seat tilt and up to 90º of back recline, the Midline offers an infinite range of positioning options for resident comfort. The full positioning capabilities of the chair help reduce time and effort required of caregivers. Reside...


Broda Elite Tilt Reclining Chair

Product Code: BROD785

A dramatically superior repositioning chair that provides exceptional resident comfort while reducing the time and effort required of caregivers. An ideal solution for residents with Huntingtons Disease, or severe agitation, is the HSP Padding package upgrade. It offers additional support and protection, keeping ...


Bariatric Vanguard Elite Tilt Recliner Seating


227kg weight capacity. Broda understands the challenges involved with bariatric care, for both care staff and patients. The Vanguard Elite is a revolutionary new seating option that helps address these challenges.


Broda Pedal Rocker Chair with Adjustable Arm Height

Product Code: BROD48PEDAL

The Broda Seating Pedal chair is an excellent option for residents who can self propel within a facility. The floor to seat height adjustment accommodates both short and tall residents, adjusting from 12.5" ( 32cm) to 17.5" (44cm). With up to 18deg; of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, the Pedal Chair aids in prev...


Broda Auto Locking Glider Chair with Lumbar Support

Product Code: BROD100-20AL

Designed for fall prevention, the Broda Glider begins to glide once the resident sits in the chair, and stops gliding once the resident begins to vacate the chair. The Glider also features a caregiver lock to prevent any unwanted gliding. Ideal For: