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749 Micro-Temp® LT Localised Heat Therapy

Product Code: 749

The Micro-Temp LT® heat therapy system allows the caregiver to set the water temperature between 20°C and 42°C , apply a CSZ localised temperature therapy pad, and be confident their patient is receiving the optimal benefit of heat therapy. Benefits


707 Penguin Cold Therapy® Portable Cooler

Product Code: 707

The Penguin Cold Therapy® system offers localised therapy wherever cold therapy is required. Unlike other units which must be raised to the level of the pad for adequate pumping and taken off the bed bracket for lid access, the Penguin Cold Therapy® system can be operated from the floor level or on a bed bracket. ...


767 Electri-Cool® II Cold Therapy System

Product Code: 767

The Electri-Cool® II is the premier choice of localised cold therapy systems. This easy to use system requires no ice to operate, simply add distilled water and select your desired temperature range. The Electri-Cool® II is lightweight and compact, making this unit the ideal choice among healthcare professiona...


135 WarmAir® Hyperthermia Unit

Product Code: 135

Warm Air Convective Patient Warming System Prevention of intraoperative hypothermia should be considered standard practice in all perioperative departments. This is particularly important for patients undergoing major surgery. The WarmAir system helps maintain patient temperature and provide comfort before, du...


111W Norm-O-Temp® Hyperthermia System

Product Code: 111W

The Norm-O-Temp® is a whole body system that allows conductive warming therapy to be administered. It can be used in the operating room, pre-op, recovery, emergency department or any department in need of patient warming therapy.


233 Blanketrol III

Product Code: 233

Hyper-Hypothermia System for Patient Temperature Management The Blanketrol III hyper-hypothermia system offers simple programmable body temperature regulation while still keeping the control in the hands of the caregiver. Its innovative gradient program minimises fluctuations in water temperature...


872 Maxi Therm® Lite- Localised Therapy

Product Code: 872


195P Gelli-Roll®

Product Code: 195P

Gelli-Roll® - Reusable Warming and Cooling Gel Pad The revolutionary and simple-to-use Gelli-Roll® combines patient temperature management and comfort. The Gelli-Roll® is a reusable water blanket encapsulated in polymer. It may be used before, during, or after surgery to effectively keep your patient normother...


442 FilteredFlo® Blankets Single Patient Use

Product Code: 442

FilteredFlo - Patient Warming Blankets The unique patented design of the FilteredFlo® patient warming blankets permits use of a lower velocity blower to supply gently moving, clean air. The filtered air warming method helps minimise air currents in the operating room environment. 243 WarmAir FilteredFlo® PACU ...


876 Maxi Therm® Lite Hyper-hypothermia

Product Code: 876

Single Patient use Hyper-Hypothermia Blankets Maxi-Therm® Lite Blankets and Pads are covered on both sides with a comfortable, soft, non-woven material, eliminating the need for a cover sheet. They are strong, lightweight and may be used under or over a patient to provide the temperature therapy....


276 Maxi-Therm® – Hyper-Hypothermia

Product Code: 276

Single-Patient Use Hyper-Hypothermia Blankets CSZ's Maxi-Therm® hyper-hypothermia blankets have a durable construction to withstand rigorous use. They have a random flow design which results in even temperature distribution and better heating and cooling rates. The design is so efficient, the bla...


196 PlastiPad®

Product Code: 196

Reusable Hyper-Hypothermia blankets The PlastiPad® is a reusable water blanket that is durable and convenient. It may resist punctures and has a seam strength that prolongs the life of the blankets. These blankets have a non-porous surface that is easy to clean off blood, soil, and/or debris. ...


300 MaxiTherm® Lite Staff/OR Vest

Product Code: 300

Staff Vest - A Cooling Vest For Surgeon And Staff The Staff Cooling Vest helps keep the surgical team comfortable throughout a procedure and is designed to circulate water evenly and effectively without the mess of ice. With the Blanketrol® III, surgeons and their staff can pre-condition and control the water ...


401 Reusable Patient Temperature Probes

Product Code: 401

Our sterile temperature probes offer accuracy and convenience. The esophageal/rectal probes are designed for both adults and children in surgery/critical care units, and long term temperature applications on medical-surgical floors. The skin surface probes attach easily to the skin with an adhesive-backed foam pa...


286 Reusable Connecting Hose

Product Code: 286

The 286 hose is used to connect all CSZ blankets/pads/wraps to the Blanketrol® II, Blanketrol® III or Norm-O-Temp®. Reusable Hoses 286 2.7m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 286-18 5.5m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 286-27 8.2m Reusable Connecting Hose for CSZ Units 287 2.7m Reusable Connecting ...


600 Headwrap

Product Code: 600

Head Wrap For Brain Cooling The Head Wrap is an innovative method of cooling for the brain. It was developed to provide uninterrupted therapy throughout a variety of procedures. It offers an innovative, non-invasive method of controlling core body temperature. It is an alternative to ice or ice packs and its vers...


950 Kool-Kit Neonate Disposable Blankets

Product Code: 950

Neonatal Whole Body Cooling System Neonatal Whole Body Cooling is shown to improve outcomes for newborns meeting the requirements for HIE. The Kool-Kit® Neonate and Blanketrol® III were designed with the understanding that precision and accuracy are particularly important during the cooling, maintaining and re...


900 Kool-Kit Disposable Blankets

Product Code: 900

The Kool-Kit® when combined with the Blanketrol® III is a whole body cooling system for applications such as induced hypothermia, fever, traumatic brain injury and any other patient temperature need. CSZ offers an effective solution for cooling with the Kool-Kit. The Kool-Kit® enables easy access to patients, pro...


CT-99 Cold Therapy Pads and Wraps

Product Code: CT-99

CSZ Cold Therapy Pads are designed to deliver controlled cold therapy. When utilised with the Electri-Cool® II Cold Therapy unit or Penguin Cold Therapy®, the pads cool to a consistent temperature throughout and remain pliable. This flexibility helps them to conform to the contours of the body even at the coldest...