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Clinipak Millennium Blue Tray Liners

Product Code: CMILB*

This 40g/m2 viscose based dry laid liner is ideal for smaller trays and where economy is important. The absorbent qualities assist in the spread of condensate during autoclaving and help achieve dry packs during processing. Being very light in weight it will normally be used inside the tray as illustrated. Please...


Clinipak Point Protectors

Product Code: CPPT00*

Point Protectors: for protecting chisels and other sharp instruments during sterilistion, transportation and storage Needle & Point Protectors

  • Needle Protectors: for protecting fine sharp instruments such as verres needles, silver probes, nettleship dilators and aspirating needles...


Clinipak Instrument Marking Tape

Product Code: CMKT*

Clinipak marking tape ensures that specified instruments can be returned to the correct department or surgeon after sterilisation and eradicates the requirement for engraving. The colour strips are long-lasting and appropriate for steam sterilisation. Independent research confirms that no bacteria remain under the t...


Clinipak Nic-Nac Baskets

Product Code: CNIC00*

  • A basket selection designed to transport small items through the wash and autoclave process
  • All nic-nac baskets are produced with a perforated stainless steel sheet with a scalloped hinged lid
  • Designed to safely transport small items through the wash and autoclave process
  • ...


Disposafe Needle Mat

Product Code: CMDS599*

Safe and cost effective method for sharps disposal. A simple, low cost cardboard backed foam pad which offers the minimum requirement for the organisation, counting and disposal of today's operating theatre environment. Purpose designed, convenient and low cost. Features & Benefits


Clinipak Container Padlocks with Indicator

Product Code: CLOCK3030BLUE

Clinipak container padlocks are designed with a colour indicator that changes from blue to brown to indicate that the specified container has been processed by steam sterilisation. All padlocks can be easily fixed and have built-in break points to encourage easy removal. This product is compliant with ISO 11140-1. ...


Clinipak Autoclave Tape with Indicator

Product Code: CLFTAPE19/P48

A latex-free autoclave tape which exhibits an effective indicator turning from white to dark brown/black when subject to the specified conditions

  • Size: 19mm x 50m
  • Quantity: 48 per carton


Tray Tag Split Ring Stainless Steel

Product Code: CRIN001

Size: ø 28 mm Quantity: 100 pcs Material: Stainless steel   If tray tags are used loose within a tray, x-ray identification may be necessary and this is achieved by fixing stainless steel rings to one corner


Clinipak Numbered Instrument Locks Non-Repetitive

Product Code: CSNAPLOCKG00*

Clinipak numbered instrument locks display unique numbers to aid the tracking, tracing and record-keeping processes. These locks are available in green (with or without numbers), red and yellow. Non-repetitive numbered locks for instruments and trays. A Clinipak introduction, each pack contains 100 locks, each lo...


Clinipak Super Soft Soaker Sheets

Product Code: CSOK001SS

High rapid absorption, built-in strength A softened version of the Clinipak soaker sheets offering high and rapid absorption with built-in strength. Material Absorbent Soaker Sheets are produced from pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) wood pulp, manufactured with low chloride and sulphate cont...


Clinipak Sterile Service Retrieval System

Product Code: CSSR*

A range of polypropylene boxes for the distribution and retrieval of surgical instruments within a hospital, between Sterile Services and the end user. The inner tray can be easily removed, washed, decontaminated and sterilised, whilst the outer box can be effectively cleaned in a washer-disinfector   ...


Clinipak Tray Tags

Product Code: CTAG*

Clinipak tray tags are manufactured from a special mixture of polymers which provide strength and rigidity and a secure surface for affixing labels or writing on. A range of specially formulated polymer tags in a range of 16 colours with a large tag available in white. These tags may be written upon with non toxi...


Clinipak Transportation Bags

Product Code: CTBAG*

  • Four sizes of strong polyethylene non slip bags with secure tamper proof seal and easy tear opening facility
  • The bags have half moon ventilation to avoid condensation - should a slightly warm pack be inserted - by permitting limited breathability
  • Supplied in four sizes to cover most ...


Clinipak Transportation Dry Cover Bags

Product Code: CTCOVERDRY*

  • Incredible strength with optional dry layer
  • A new outer bag manufactured from a very strong spun polypropylene with an additional absorbent surface
  • The final development for optimum protection from dust, moisture and handling whilst providing an absorbent inner layer for the dispersi...


Clinipak Plastic Security Cable Ties

Product Code: CTIE001

Clinipak plastic ties available is various colours   If tray tags are used loose within a tray, x-ray identification may be necessary and this is achieved by fixing stainless steel rings to one corner


Clinipak Absorbent Tray Liners

Product Code: CTLC*

  • Clinipak tray liners (80gsm) liners are produced with a finely creped medical quality paper.
  • The high absorbency and rapid dispersion ensures condensate is removed during autoclaving, which encourages dry packs and improves the effectiveness of the sterilisation process.
  • Tray liners ...


Clinipak Permanent Marker Pens Non-Toxic

Product Code: CPEN*

  • A range of three coloured permanent marker pens, black, red, blue
  • Safe to use in the autoclave
  • They are non toxic and free from heavy metals
  • Instantly touch dry
  • These pens are suitable for writing on the film surfaces of see-through packaging and on Clinipak tra...


Clinipak Tray Anchors

Product Code: CANC*

Clinipak tray anchors provide optimum protection as instruments are tightly locked into place within the basket or tray after washing. This ensures that instruments do not move during subsequent handling and the potential for damage is significantly reduced. The material can be cut to length as required. ...


Clinipak Blue Cleaning Brushes

Product Code: CBBR*

A range of brushes with strong nylon bristles mounted into durable handles which are long lasting and safe to use. Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for cleaning instrument jaws
  • The round bottle brushes have stainless steel wire handles for items like diathermy quivers
  • <...


Clinipak Blue Transportation Boxes

Product Code: CBTB*

Sturdy polypropylene transportation boxes with reversible labels and security tie fittings, where transport on a national highway is essential. Three sizes available with optional inner baskets which can be removed and decontaminated or autoclaved. UN Approved to UN329 1 for hazardous goods transportation. All bo...


Clinipak Inner Basket for Blue Transportation Boxes

Product Code: CBTB002BASK

For Blue Transportation Boxes CBTB002 Inner baskets can be removed and decontaminated or autoclaved Sturdy polypropylene transportation boxes with reversible labels and security tie fittings, where transport on a national highway is essential. Three sizes available with optional inner baskets which can be remo...


Clinipak Dolly Trolley for Blue Transportation Boxes

Product Code: CBTB005TROL

Dolly Trolley for the CBTB005 for easy maneuverability Sturdy polypropylene transportation boxes with reversible labels and security tie fittings, where transport on a national highway is essential. Three sizes available with optional inner baskets which can be removed and decontaminated or autoclaved. UN Appr...


Clinipak Corners

Product Code: CC*

  • A simple and effective solution to reduce corner and foot damage. Easy to assemble corners for baskets for use during sterilisation, eliminating the risk of wrap perforation, caused by sharp corners or feet. Additionally, the crepe version helps to reduce wet problems around basket corners
  • Simp...


Clinipak Silicone Pin Matting with Drain Holes

Product Code: CDINPIN001

A silicone pin mat with drainage holes and buttons on the underside to allow for easy drainage and steam penetration. The material can withstand all known washing methods and can be cut to size as required. Features & Benefits


Clinipak Cleaning Brushes for Cannulae

Product Code: CFLEX*

Flexible cleaning of cannulae

  • Cannula cleaning
  • A unique disposable cleaner for all small cannula
  • Various diameters available
  • Constructed in a range of materials, to give either soft or hard cleaning properties
  • The dispenser ensures the contents...


Clinipak Chessboard Instrument Protector

Product Code: CFOB003

An autoclave foam sheet with chessboard design cuts. All pieces can be removed to create individual nests for each instrument. The chessboard instrument protector is supplied with a top cover sheet.

  • Secure and simple method of assisting in the safe transportation of instrumentation
  • Manufacture...


Clinipak Foam Instrument Pouches

Product Code: CFOP*

Clinipak instrument pouches are produced with a high-quality autoclavable soft foam to ensure all instruments are delicately protected and grouped together. Each pouch has 12 sections.

  • Ideal where instruments need to be laid out in the theatre and absolute protection is maintained at all times

Clinipak Latex Free Silicone Bands

Product Code: CBAND00*

Clinipak latex-fee silicone bands are increasingly popular due to higher awareness of latex allergies. These bands can be used in various situations in which natural latex can cause problems (e.g. hand surgery, securing instruments, flap retention, bundling of arterial forceps etc.) Features & Benefit...