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Dornier Medilas H Solvo Wireless

Product Code: K2013000

The Dornier Medilas H Solvo is a compact, mobile holmium: YAG – pulsed laser system for multidisciplinary use in the OR. The Medilas H Solvo can emit up to 30 watts power to the tissue. It is especially suitable for surgical cutting and coagulation, the removal of soft and hard tissues and lithotripsy. Laser i...


Dornier Medilas H UroPulse Wireless

Product Code: K2013100

The Dornier Medilas H UroPulse is a compact Holmium:YAG - laser pulse device, suitable for installation in an equipment tower. The device is suitable for use in surgical and multidisciplinary practice. The power delivered to the tissue is up to 20 watts. It is especially suitable for cutting and coagulation, the ...