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Famos Bowie & Dick Tests

Product Code: F15.100.0**

The Bowie & Dick Helix Test is a mandatory test for steam sterilizers. This functionality test for steam sterilizers needs to be done at the beginning of the working day. After a successful pass of the Bowie & Dick Helix Test the steam sterilizer can be released for use. The Bowie & Dick Helix Test Set i...


Famos Steam Integrators

Product Code: F15.100.077

Sterility Assurance Products The Famos Chemical Integrators monitor all critical parameters of steam sterilization (time, temperature and steam quality). Place an indicator inside every pack! Three Phase Sequential Steam Integrators are specially designed to check the time ...


Famos Lot Control Tests

Product Code: F15.100.0**

Lot Control Test sets are for STEAM/ ETO/ FO Sterilisers. Paragon Care has a range of Lot Control Tests. Please contact our customer service for more details. The Lot Control Test Sets are all based upon Helix type of Process Challenging Devices (PCDs) in which an integrating chemical indicator is placed. This te...


Famos Autoclave Tape Dispensers

Product Code: F15.120.02*

Heavy duty with metal housing, takes up to 25 mm width rolls, 50 Metre lengths.

  • For 1 roll of up to 25 mm wide
  • For 2 rolls of up to 25 mm wide
  • For 3 rolls of up to 25 mm wide
  • Extra weight in the bottom to guarantee a stable working platform
  • A heavy stand with o...


Famos Autoclave Tapes

Product Code: F15.300.00*

A range of specially manufactured tapes all with excellent bonding characteristics and compatible with all types of sterilisation wraps. These tapes have an indicator that turns from white/yellow to dark brown/ black when subjected to the specified autoclave conditions. Steam autoclave tape is Latex Free. Famos a...


Famos Seal Test

Product Code: F15.300.0**

Evidence base quality assurance check. The Seal Test is designed as a daily Evidence Base Quality Assurance check to confirm that the roller pressure and temperature are operating within the correct operation parameters. The result is a quick visual indication of sealer performance and it incorporates simple docu...


Famos Self-Adhesive Labels With & Without Indicators

Product Code: F15.300.***

Double Coloured Labels Double coloured label gun labels without indicators are available for documentation and traceability purposes. For pouches with a printed process indicator you may not need to use a label with indicator. Famos’ label gun labels are available in 6 different colors to provide...


Famos Batch Labelling Gun

Product Code: F15.400.250

For Famos batch stickers. Very reliable labelling device is specially developed for Famos double labels, for marking of packages and containers. Famos label gun can print a range of 5 different modes of data on the label i.e Steriliser type, steriliser number, lot number, packing and expiry date with its alphanum...


Famos Roll Holders With Cutting Device

Product Code: F50.100.***

Famos has designed various roll holders including cutting device to create the length of packaging material that is required. The rotary knife of the cutting device is made from the highest quality hardened steel and is self-sharpening which ensures years of maintenance free use. Famos offers the following types:...