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Algo-5--shot 1


Product Code: NAT010130

The ALGO 5 newborn hearing screener combines the trusted Natus ALGO AABR® algorithm with cutting edge technology to provide the ideal solution for your newborn hearing screening program. The gold standard in hearing screening technology

ALGO-3i-shot 1


Product Code: NAT11784

The ALGO 3i newborn hearing screener combines the AABR® technology you trust in a hand-held screener. Natus AABR® technology the gold standard in newborn hearing screening, with clinically proven sensitivity and specificity. ALGO 3i Screener, Short Cables, 220V Part # 011784



Product Code: NAT013503

The next generation automated preschool hearing screener:

  • Compact, handheld multi-modality hearing screener
  • Incorporates TEOAE and DPOAE capabilities
  • Clinically proven algorithms
  Multiple screening configurations. One compact device. The all new Echo-Screen II...

The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice.

neoBLUE Compact LED Phototherapy

Product Code:

The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice. Colour balanced with clinicians & family in mind

  • 12 blue LEDs are mixed with small amount of light from 9 white LEDs to soften appearance wh...


Bilicare Transcuteneous Bilirubin Meter

Product Code: NAT81000300

Non-invasive transcutaneous bilirubin meter for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Accurately and conveniently measures and monitors the level of bilirubin to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Perfect for use in the NICU, newborn nursery, mothers room or paediatricians office. Part # NAT81000200 Bil...



Product Code: NAT12257

audble Natus Hearing Screening Data Management Newborn hearing screening data management system - Allows hospitals to combine results from various Natus hearing screeners - Facilitates management of universal newborn hearing screening program results - Comprehensive and highly configurable, with advanced featu...


Biliband Eye Protectors

Product Code: NAT900643

Biliband eye protectors are designed to block light to a babys eyes during photo-therapy. Their unique Y-shaped design allows them to remain securely in place. The Natus Biliband Eye Protector provides exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy. Independent light transmission tests have shown the Bil...


MiniMuffs Neonatal Noise Attenuators

Product Code: NAT040341B

For those little ones in need of some peace and quiet... Designed specifically for premature babies, MiniMuffs noise attenuators protect their sensitive ears, and provide a safe environment for healthy development

  • Provides a quiet hour for premature babies in the NICU
  • Ideal during special p...


Save the Gonads X-ray Shields

Product Code: NAT900835

Save the Gonads shields are specifically designed to protect the reproductive organs of babies receiving X-rays. Blocks harmful radiation - Composed of 1 mm thick lead to protect babies gonads from the harmful radiation associated with X-rays - Helps clinicians comply with JCAHO and FDA patient radiation safety...