Apex VacPRO Portable Suction Unit 240v


Smooth hygienic finish, water resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

The VAC-series pump is Apex Medical’s most recent generation of portable suction units and has been designed to combine function with aesthetic appeal and meet the needs of today’s hygiene and infection control requirements.

The VacPRO is durable lightweight and versatile in the provision of general suction usage.


Product Options

  • SPVACPRO – VacPRO Lightweight Suction Pump 240v 24 LPM complete with 800ml Canister
  • SPVACPRO1800 – VacPRO Lightweight Suction Pump 240v 24 LPM complete with 800ml & 1800ml Canisters
  • SPVACSB1800 – Suction Pump Canister 1800ml
  • SPCDE0101 – Liberty Disposable Suction Pump Canister 850ml
  • SPCDE0102 – Liberty Disposable Suction Pump Canister 1200ml
  • LTSYDC0501 – Liberty Yankauer Disposable Suction Tube Adult 27cm
  • SPCTC0601 – Liberty Connection Tubing 3/16” ID 1.8 Metre Length (BX 50)
  • SPCTC0602 – Liberty Connection Tubing 3/16” ID 3.6 Metre Length (BX 50)
  • SPCTC0603 – Liberty Connection Tubing 4/16” ID 1.8 Metre Length (BX 50)
  • SPBF – Suction Pump Filter


Product from Paragon Care Brand: LR Instruments


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