Biliband Eye Protectors

CODE: NAT900643

Biliband eye protectors are designed to block light to a babys eyes during photo-therapy. Their unique Y-shaped design allows them to remain securely in place.

The Natus Biliband Eye Protector provides exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy.

Independent light transmission tests have shown the Biliband Eye Protector to block out more light than other leading brands of phototherapy eye shields.

Biliband Eye Protector – available in 3 sizes:
Size                Head Circumference          Part #                    Packaging
Micro             20-28 cm                                 NAT900644       20 units/pk
Premature   24- 33 cm                               NAT900643        20 units/pk
Regular         30-38 cm                                NAT900642        20 units/pk


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Product from Paragon Care Brand: Scanmedics

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