bkFusion MRI Ultrasound Fusion

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MRI Ultrasound Fusion

Fusing real-time ultrasound images with pre-exam MRI data provides better guidance to help accurately target lesions identified on the MRI images, potentially reducing the risk of missing high-grade tumours or under-staging tumours for active surveillance.

bkFusion Real Time MRI Ultrasound Fusion

bkFusion, a powerful advancement in visualisation and guidance, enhances clinical findings with true, real-time MRI ultrasound fusion during prostate biopsy. bkFusion integrates the bk3000 urology system with the best MRI fusion software, combining unmatched image quality with a streamlined and intuitive fusion workflow.


Urologists are BK Ultrasound’s inspiration for innovation. As the leader in urology ultrasound, BK Ultrasound listened closely and looked for a solution that would save valuable time and precious space.

bkFusion is a seamless integration of BK’s market-leading bk3000 ultrasound system with the best visualisation and guidance software available.  bkFusion has a single system footprint with simultaneous display of MRI and real-time ultrasound images on one monitor. There is no complex equipment and no lengthy set up.


bkFusion has a simple, guided workflow that follows a Urologist’s familiar biopsy procedure while adding MRI data.

Easily Import Data

Seamlessly imports MRI data via network image transfer or HIPAA-compliant cloud connection image transfer from MRI scanners and PACS.

Combine MRI Ultrasound Data With Revolutionary Predictive Fusion

Predictive Fusion™ is an advanced technology, only available on bkFusion, which saves time and reduces procedure steps.


Biopsy With Confidence

bkFusion ensures that real-time ultrasound imaging and MRI targets stay aligned with either the free-hand transrectal or the transperineal biopsy approach. Urologists can freely adjust ultrasound gain and depth, or choose to scan in different planes (transverse, sagittal and endfire), without any need for recalibration or loss of alignment before or during procedures. This helps to better target areas of concern.


Continuity of Patient Care

Patients come to their Urologist because they trust them. bkFusion was designed specifically to help urologists get the answers they need in a practice setting.

World-Class Technology for Your Practice

bkFusion enhances diagnostic biopsy capabilities with ground-breaking technology, and is available for every practice.

Improved Patient Follow-Up

bkFusion helps provide comprehensive patient follow-up with 3D models of biopsy core locations, screenshots and other options that are easily included in the Urologist’s documentation.

For further product information or to organise a demonstration please contact Scanmedics on 02 9882 2088 or info@scanmedics.com.

Product from Paragon Care Brand: Scanmedics

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