Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 300H


The Elmasonic S 300H Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit is a high quality, state of the art ultrasonic cleaner with a maximum tank volume of 28 litres.

The new Elmasonic S units are available in 16 different sizes ranging from 0.5 litres to 90 litres. State-of-the art  microprocessor controlled ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology. The user-friendly LED-display ensures an  excellent operation. Paragon Care distributes three from this range.

All Elmasonic units are made using a cavitation resistant stainless steel tank that is robust and can be cleaned and disinfected easily. A convenient LED displays the time and temperature whilst each of the three operating modes undertake different tasks:

  • Sweep: Safely cleans metal, glass, electronic and plastic parts
  • Degas: Rapidly removes gasses from liquids
  • Normal: Dissolve, homogenize, disperse, mix and emulsify lab samples

Features & Benefits

  • The cleaning tanks are made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
  • The operating panel is user-friendly and arranged so that no liquid can enter the electronics
  • Marking for filling line
  • The carrying handles are made of ergonomically shaped plastic
  • The turning knob on the side allows for an easy draining of the cleaning liquid through the drain
  • LED display showing temperature, cleaning period and remaining cleaning time
  • Translucent cover, hinged, removable, ventilated at the rear
  • Made in Germany


Product Options

  • UBES300H – Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 300H


Product from Paragon Care Brand: Richards Medical

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