Hausted Youth Stretcher


The Hausted Youth Stretcher Series is intended for transport, examination, and care of juvenile patients in healthcare facilities. The Hausted Youth Care Stretcher is a full size stretcher for young children and adolescents with the security of vertical rails. This unit provides the safety and security of 360° patient protection as well as 360° patient access when needed. The three position vertical side rails are easy to use, and provide maximum patient security and end rails are removable to allow patient access (as seen in top photo). The dual pedestal design provides maximum stability for patient transport, reatment, and recovery. To ensure patient comfort, the patient surface can be adjusted through a variable range of positions, including stretcher height adjustment, and backrest adjustment. Additionally, the stretcher is provided with extra high 16″ (406 mm) side and end rails for the enhanced safety of juvenile patients. Easy-rolling casters provide full mobility and maneuverability.

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