Matbox Silicone Sterilisation Box


The Matbox is both a box for sterilising surgical instruments and a mat with spikes. Designed to be used as protection for tools, instruments and surgical accessories during the sterilisation cycle in hospitals.

  • Integrated spikes, up and down, ensure the holding of medical instruments once the Matbox is closed
  • Secure closing eases transportation
  • Practical for simple instrument sterilisation
  • Flexible and compact
  • Steam autoclave and ethylene oxide sterilisation safe
  • Size:  205 x 205 x 28mm


Can be sterilised via the following two methods:

  1. Autoclave according to the validated protocol in the hospital
  2. Ethylene oxide according to the validated protocol in the hospital


Available in a range of colours, including: blue, green, orange, pink and yellow.

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