neoBLUE Radiometer


To accurately measure the intensity of neoBLUE LED Phototherapy Systems

Helps you comply with AAP Guidelines by providing accurate readings in blue spectrum
– Measures action spectrum of bilirubin 420 to 500 nm

Easy to use and read with large clear display
– Easy to read under all lighting conditions
– Memory feature helps reduce errors
– When button is released, the final reading remains locked
– To take new or repeat reading, simply press and hold button the previous memory is erased

Measures all four neoBLUE LED systems
– Check the light intensity as part of routine hospital protocol
– Measure while making adjustments to the light intensity
– Use to help determine appropriate height setting for overhead lights
– Same sensor works for both overhead and under-baby systems

– neoBLUE radiometer readout & sensor


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Product from Paragon Care Brand: Scanmedics

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