Provita Hand Hygiene Centre Mobile Stand


Ideally suited for areas where infection control is of the highest importance in the fight against infection.

The Provita Hand Hygiene Centre makes hygiene uncomplicated and simple. As a complete workstation, the hands can be disinfected initially which greatly reduces the risk of contamination which is key to healthcare professionals. The use of high grade aluminium and other rust proof materials is integral to the design of the unit. Total weight of fully equipped model: 19kg

This simple, yet compact designed, mobile stand alone accessory for Infection Control produces a very practical storage solution for any healthcare area where infection control is important.

The modular design offers flexibility of applications:- The variety of baskets provide storage for most consumables used in a dedicated isolation situation. A glove holder and a disinfectant dispenser, all compactly placed on a unique, mobile stand make this unit an essential component of the infection control package.


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