Radiology Reporting Software Module


MIDAS can save 1-2 hours of reporting time per Reporting Doctor every day!

MIDAS Function

  • Improved workflow and communication
  • Improved productivity where reporting clinicians and sonographers/technicians benefit from MIDAS
  • Improved quality as MIDAS encourages the adoption of a standard set of ‘best practice’ reporting guidelines across an entire practice and supports the training of new sonographers and reporting clinicians as the practice expands.

Save Time

  • Without MIDAS, preparing a comprehensive Radiology report could take up to 20 minutes
  • Automatically or manually enter the required measurements and let MIDAS generate instantaneous written reports with growth charts and images for you to review.


  • MIDAS can import any file format from any system
  • Access the provisional reports with any device
  • MIDAS outputs can be provided in a range of formats for other software packages to import eg RIS, PACS, PMS, HIS, etc.
  • MIDAS can also be cloud hosted on a pay per report basis.

Standardising Radiology Reporting

  • All appropriate detail provided for the referrer
  • Built-in MIDAS database will also assist practice accreditation.

Easily Modified to Suit Your Workflow

  • Report formats and wording can be customised to suit each reporting specialist.


This revolutionary, automated interpretive reporting software provides significant benefits for you and your practice in workflow efficiency when used for a range of Phlebology procedures including:

  • EVLT
  • Venous Mapping
  • Lower Limb Venous Thrombosis
  • UGS
  • Post Treatment


What makes MIDAS truly unique is the programmable rules engine that forms the basis of the software. This patented innovation provides automated interpretive written report generation from the measurements and observations taken during the study. The rules are configurable, allowing your own style of written report to be produced automatically by MIDAS, saving time, eliminating errors and giving the clinician an audit trail for accreditation. Your own anatomy worksheets can also be electronically added to MIDAS so that you can fully utilise the benefits of a truly paperless clinical reporting solution.

Another benefit of MIDAS is that we can connect to any brand/model of ultrasound system that has DICOM Structured Reporting. This provides automatic transfer of patient data, measurements and images at the end of each study directly to the MIDAS server software. The report output can be sent from MIDAS to your practice management software for storage with the rest of the patient information.

We have been working for the past four years with experts in the fields of Obstetrics, Vascular and Cardiology to capture and encode evidence-based best practice and clinical knowledge for diagnosis and reporting. MIDAS reporting licences have been developed for Phlebology, Vascular, Obstetrics and Echo. MIDAS licences can be configured for a tablet, laptop or PC or can operate in server mode with multiple sites, systems, sonographers and reporting doctors all connected concurrently.


Integrates Into Your Existing Workflow

Reports can be customised to suit individual reporting clinicians’ requirements. All appropriate detail provided for the referrer. Built in MIDAS database also provides extensive data mining capabilities, giving immediate access to all your information.

MIDAS can import any file format from any system. Access the provisional reports with any device. MIDAS outputs can be provided in a range of formats for other software packages to import and can also be cloud hosted on a pay per report basis.

Electronically transfer the examination data from a range of exams and let MIDAS generate instantaneous, interpretive draft reports and populated worksheets with graphs, charts, key images, etc. Saves 1-2 hours per day for both sonographer and clinician.

MIDAS works on a single workstation, laptop, windows tablet, iPad, Android, Mac OSX or on a server for multiple users across the web. Also available in the cloud on a per exam monthly subscription.

  • MIDAS can work on any device with any operating system
  • MIDAS reporting can be securely hosted in the cloud on a pay per report subscription
  • MIDAS Interpretive Reporting Rules can be individually customised, allowing your unique work flow requirements to be included
  • MIDAS back-up option means all patient data and reports can be automatically duplicated and protected
  • MIDAS has reporting modules for a vast range of  examinations. We continue to develop new modules.
  • MIDAS can print reports and/or save them in an industry standard format suitable for your practice to make available to your referrers and physicians
  • MIDAS is being further developed in Australia by Paragon Care & Prof. Christine Mingins
  • MIDAS on-line support, enhancements and upgrades are provided as part of the software subscription
  • MIDAS can be interfaced to any networkable system for automatic data transfer


Please contact our customer service for more information, or to place your order.

Product from Paragon Care Brand: Midas Software Solutions

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