Stralus C 200 Series Hospital Acute Care Bed

CODE: Stralus C 200 Series

Australian Engineered and Designed

The Stralus C 200 Series Acute Care bed range combines contemporary style with advanced Australian engineering and design. Building on the success of the Stralus Aged Care bed, the Stralus C 200 Series is engineered in Australia to meet all Australian Standards and Compliances.

With its clean crisp lines and contemporary look, the Stralus C 200 is designed to meet the needs of the busy acute care environment. These exceptional features ensure that patient comfort and safety are top of mind whilst patient positioning is easily achieved with a range of control options.

  • Unique curved head and foot boards offer protection and comfort for the patient
  • Fast access to emergency positions including CPR and Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg
  • 3 side rail designs provide options for clinical applications or price points. Choose from full or ¾ length moulded split side rails or metal fold down full length side rails.
  • One touch side egress position and ergonomically placed grip handles provide stable support for safer and easier bed exit
  • Integrated automatic battery backup
  • One touch under bed night light maximises patient safety
  • Integrated positioning controls with independent hand and nurse controls
  • Retracting backrest design reduces pressure on abdomen
  • High quality Linak actuators and Tente wheels
  • Bed extension standard on all models
  • Range of accessories includes IV pole, self-help pole, oxygen bottle holder, document holder, urinal holder and mattress bolster.

Acute Care Bed – Models

  • Stralus C 220 Moulded Split Side Rails Full Length
  • Stralus C 230 Moulded Split Side Rails 3/4 Length
  • Stralus C 210 Fold Down Full Length Metal Side Rails

Stralus-C-20-Acute-hospital-bedRange of Mattress Surfaces

Paragon Care offers an extensive range of  compatible foam, hybrid and powered mattress surfaces for the prevention of pressure ulcers and the promotion of wound healing.

National Sales and Service Team

Supported by our national sales and service network, Paragon Care provides nation-wide support for all preventative maintenance programs, repair work and servicing. This dedicated business unit, ParagonCare Service & Technology, can provide anything from equipment repair and maintenance through to Total Equipment Management covering your company’s biomedical engineering requirements.

Full Range of Complimentary Furniture

Offering a full range of complimentary furniture and equipment for complete ward and hospital fit-outs, Paragon Care has the ability to provide consulting for design and space planning, installation services and more. We can assist you with the ideal combination of hospital beds, furniture and other equipment to provide a complete acute care solution.

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